Cat Adopts Orphaned Piglet

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A farm cat in Romania has adopted a piglet named Costica, who was rejected by his mother, into her litter of four kittens. While the piglet has grown to be as big as his surrogate Mama, the cat still gives him cuddles and love.

This 6 minute extended raw footage video of the unusual little family is longer than the other versions we’ve found, that were shown on TV in Canada and Australia but were not available to share. In this version, our question about whether the pig is being fed from another source so it is not taking all of Mama kitty’s milk for itself is answered when he is offered a bottle near the end. Whoever gives the piglet his bottle has done so carelessly, putting the kittens in danger. We assume the bottle was offered in this manner for the video, and it is not the usual practice.


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