Cat Accidentally Impaled on Spike is Reunited With Her Family

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“Spike” as she was being called, in a photo Canterbury SPCA posted at Facebook, hoping to find her family.

A cat found impaled on a metal fence spike in a freak accident that spared her from serious injury is back with her family after her rescue and the shelter’s appeal to find the family.

A homeowner in Christchurch, NZ was “distraught,” according to a news report, upon hearing a cat’s terrible, pained meows on Sunday and finding the gray tabby sitting with her leg impaled on a spike sticking up from the property line fence.

The Fire Service brought $1 million worth of equipment to the scene and succeeded in freeing the cat by using the jaws of life to cut the spike that had her skewered to the top of the fence. Once she was freed from her perch, SPCA shelter manager Geoff Sutton gently carried her to the ground.  Mr. Sutton removed the spike himself, pulling it out. As can be seen in the photo below, the spike went through part of the cat’s hind leg and missed her spine and vital organs, where it could have done great damage.

It is thought that the cat made an unfortunate landing when she jumped from the house to the fence. The homeowner didn’t know the cat or who she belonged with, so she was taken into the care of the Christchurch SPCA shelter, where she was treated for her injury. The cat did not have a microchip or any identification.

The SPCA posted a photo of the kitty, who was being called Spike, to the SPCA Canterbury Facebook page, saying, “Is this your cat? This cat was found on Grahams Road in Harewood and had unfortunately misjudged a jump from a roof and impaled itself in the groin area. Currently receiving treatment for the injury, this wee moggy will be fine but we would like to find the owners as soon as possible so we can reunite them. She is a female, short haired tabby, please call our reception for more details.  Thanks!”

A discussion followed, with people trying to identify the cat.  The cat’s family learned about their cat’s misadventure when they saw a news story posted online and shared by the shelter.

By Monday, the cat was identified as Ninja and she was headed home to rejoin her family. The SPCA wrote, “GREAT NEWS!  ‘Ninja’ a.k.a Spike has been reunited with her relieved owners who came in this afternoon to collect her. Matthew and Tamara found out about Ninja’s ‘adventure’ through a friend who spotted the online news article. THANK YOU to everyone who shared this story, it really paid off for this lucky wee girl!”

Matt Hartstonge later wrote, “Thank you SPCA for your valiant campaign that made us find our missing kitty!! Shes now at home resting up. Our daughters missed [their] kitty cat!”


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  1. When are cat was up in a tree in the neighbors yard, we called animal control , the police dept and the fire dept. None of them would respond. A 70 year old neighbor went to another neighbors yard to get a really heavy and long latter that weighted a lot. The neighbor and my son carried the heavy ladder and my son had to climb all the way up. A fire truck could have gotten her easy. She is an indoor cat that got out . we gave the neighbor a really nice gift card.

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