Cactus Jack: A Kitten Flourishes After a Rough Start

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Cactus Jack’s scarred eyeball does not make him any less adorable.

We shared the story of the rescue of a tiny kitten born in a treacherous cactus patch in a July 27  post simply titled Cactus Jack,  Bailey Boorsma told how she discovered the kitten, rescued him, and nursed him back to health. Jack was born in the spiky, unhospitable environment to a feral Mama and was the only one of the litter to survive.

“The kitten would have died if I left it in the mother’s care. Simple as that. He was possibly hours away from death at the time we actually pulled him from the cactus due to infection alone. He was not able to nurse from the mother because his mouth was full of cactus needles.

“The night we finally got him out, he was blindly dragging himself along the top of a cactus looking for his mom. He was covered in abscesses, fleas, and thousands of cactus needles. We took him to the emergency vet and they kept him overnight to give him antibiotics and to try to clean him up a bit.”

Jack responded well to care and began the transformation from injured baby in danger to happy house cat.

Since his rescue, Jack has gotten regular medical care, is reveling in Bailey’s loving care, and has found a feline friend in 3 year old Toby. Bailey says she is pleased to report that he is not just adapting, but flouurishing

Bailey started a Cactus Jack Facebook page where she shares her kitten’s continued recovery from his rough start in life, and his cute kitten ways. Jack will return to the vet next week for vaccinations, a general checkup and to have his scarred eye examined again. He represents on little life saved and one little kitten given the best of homes and care.

Cactus Jack is growing up quickly. Look at that belly! Cactus Jack the rescued cactus kitten 5 week growth comparison!

From July; Cactus Jack groom himself for the very first time.

Jack wants to play with Toby. Toby is a 3 year old male who loves kittens. He is perfect for Jack to release some energy!

Jack Yawns


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  1. Bailey is my daughter and yes she quite exceptional. She has always had a way with animals and rescueing them. They love her with out question and so do I. Love ” The mommy”

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