Buddy is Rescued from a Tight Spot

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SMART rescues Buddy from an odd place

Buddy was extremely uncomfortable and highly distressed when her rescuers set to work, freeing her from a very tight spot.

LA Animal ServicesSMART Small Animal rescue Team in Los Angeles, CA received a call from the Fire Department to rescue an owner’s cat that had managed to get her head stuck at the bottom of a bathroom cabinet.

Buddy was stuck head first in the corner of a bathroom cabinet of her owner’s house. She was stuck for hours and her owners tried desperately to get her out, to no avail. They called the L.A. Fire Department who referred them to SMART.

Rescue Team members Nav and Ramon had just finished up rescuing an owner’s cat that was stuck 35 feet up a tree for two days when they received the call. They immediately responded and got to work… again.

At first it seemed that they could pull Buddy out but they quickly realized that this was not possible. The next plan, dismantle the cabinet. It took a few power tools and some physical power but in the end the rescue was a success.

Buddy was examined by the team’s vet tech at the scene, and was determined to be in good shape.




Buddy is reunited with her grateful owner after being freed from her tight spot

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