Buddy Holly, Old Injured Cat Gets Help

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Buddy crawled across concrete and rocks on broken legs, looking for food and warmth. He found help with a dedicated group of animal lovers who are helping him heal and have guaranteed him a lifetime of comfort and care.

Rescuers working with PAWS Animal Shelter, a small non-profit adoption center in West Linn, OR, are doing their best for a cat named Buddy Holly who showed great determination and a strong will to live as he dragged himself around looking for food and warmth with broken legs from injuries of unknown origin.

Buddy currently divides his time between the Southgate Animal Clinic, where he is being treated for multiple fractures, and a PAWS foster home.

He was found in early December and is doing much better now.

PAWS advocates tell his story:

This is Buddy Holly. He was abandoned, badly injured, in the freezing weather a few weeks ago. He crawled on two broken legs, with raw open wounds, searching for food and warmth until he was finally rescued by a good Samaritan who brought him to PAWS Animal Shelter in West Linn. The cost of his medical care is extensive but the choices made at PAWS are never based on money. Buddy Holly has a will to fight and survive and we are doing everything we can to help him recover. He is currently healing and being loved by our volunteers and the staff at Southgate Animal Clinic. PAWS is in the process of trying to buy a new, bigger building to enable us to provide more care to local animals in need. If you can find it in your hearts to share Buddy’s story or donate to his care or the new building fund, you would be enabling us to continue all the work we do to save animals and find them forever homes.

Sharon Murphy wrote on December 11:

There is something amazing about this cat….and his will to live. He crawled, belly style, across concrete and rocks with broken wrists that were bloody and infected…to ask for help…and that is what he is going to get.

This is where the Grey area ends… for most shelters, but not PAWS Animal Shelter.

Due to his age, when he is adopted from PAWS, there is no adoption fee. He is eligible for permanent foster care; where the shelter accepts responsible for making medical decisions and paying for his Vet care for the rest of his life.

In addition to that, PAWS is paying aprox $20 per day for his care. (X-Rays, Splinting, Changing the bandages, Pain Meds, Antibiotics, digestive aids,) those costs are not including paying for a roof over his head and food in the dish.
In that respect, it is easier to understand who some shelters choose differently.

We are the smallest of all the shelters, but have the most heart. Paws is an amazing team. They raise money and pitch in to pay the bills…clean the shelter…care for the animals…love and play with them….

The decisions regarding a certain pets care are not based on MONEY… It’s still about what is BEST FOR THE ANIMAL.
That says a lot about a all group of people, albeit small, who are bent on saving the animal world….one pet at a time.

This is the injured cat in my care…. and one of the many reasons I love PAWS Animal Shelter. His wounds look much better than when he came on Friday. . . But I am sure they are still painful. My foster kittens are loving him… and I think he likes having them around.

Please pray for him. He has a long road back. .. with many fractured bones…

He was obviously well Loved at it time.

Sharon Murphy’s Injured cat update from December 15:

The wounds are heading and soon his legs will be splinted for the long haul. For now, PAWS Animal Shelter and a few volunteers, are paying for the bandages to be changed every day. He is putting on weight and getting much better.


A New Home for PAWS Animal Shelter fundraiser page at YouCaring.com

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In a story on Buddy Holly in The Examiner, Elisa Black Taylor writes:

If you’d like to donate to Buddy’s care, or to help with funding for a newer facility, their PayPal address is [email protected]

To offer Buddy Holly a forever home, or for more information on how you can financially help with his treatment, please contact Sharon Murphy at 503-841-3921.



3 thoughts on “Buddy Holly, Old Injured Cat Gets Help”

  1. I think its wonderful what these people are doing and I pray for each one. I have no money to help and am ill myself but know I am praying that his needs will be met

  2. PAWS animal shelter and the angels that volunteer there are amazing. They take in any and all animals needing help, the abandoned and abused. Chickens, sheep, goats, rats, possums,mice even a mini horse whose hooves were so overgrown he could not stand. So many cats and dogs have been helped by this wonderful place. Buddy Holly is so lucky he is with them and getting all the care he needs.

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