Bubble Gum Recovering After Falling in Trash Chute

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Poor Bubble Gum fell down a trash chute at an apartment complex and was laying beneath a tree, not moving, when someone called the Michigan Humane Society for help.

MHS Rescue Department Driver Amanda Boots arrived on the scene and found the white cat covered in a pink substance. The complex security officer told her the cat had been found at the bottom of the 15 story building’s trash chute. Residents told Ms. Boots that the cat was often seen hanging around the apartments and had last been spotted on the 14th floor. It isn’t known if she fell the entire 14 stories, but that is a possibility. She may have gotten into the chute while looking for food.

Once back at MHS and cleaned up, Bubble Gum was already looking much better. She was vaccinated during her checkup and was, thankfully, found not to have any injuries. She did not have a microchip.

Bubble Gum is friendly and affectionate and loves to get attention, as can be seen in the video below that tells her story. She is a beautiful, long-haired cat who will look more beautiful still when her fur grows back in (It had to be trimmed to get the pink stuff out).

Watch the story of Bubble Gum’s rescue:





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