Body Language in Cats

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Cats Protection UK made this excellent video explaining some common and typical examples of body language in cats.

Cats Protection writes: This video shows some of the common body postures and facial expressions in cats, some of which can be easily misinterpreted by people, as cats are so subtle in their behaviour.




2 thoughts on “Body Language in Cats”

  1. This is wonderful, even though many of us lifelong cat lovers know many/most of these things. It’s great to expose others that are not so experienced, to the cat body language. I’ve done research, and can never find anybody that discusses the cat stretching, which, besides the obvious (that they are stretching to feel better or they’ve just awakened) is also part of their greeting process, like the upright tail. There are many variations to “the stretch”, yet nobody ever discusses it or gives it analysis.

  2. Thank you for this latest video. I have made to mistake of rubbing the tummy when coming home. I do usually get a bite. Cant wait for the next video. thnx.


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