Bluey is Back Home After 1 1/2 Years

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A Vermont family found their long missing cat when they were browsing Petfinder listings for their local shelter. Bluey had ended up at the shelter twice since going missing, but he is finally back home with his family again.

The Humane Society of Chittenden County, VT wrote about Bluey, who they called Calvin, at Facebook on November 10, saying: “Great news from the shelter yesterday! A family was checking out animals on and stumbled on Calvin’s photo–whom they recognized as their cat who had disappeared years ago! They had their own photos of Calvin to prove it. Over those years, he’s been brought to HSCC twice as a stray. Calvin’s original family is going to bring him back home We can see you’re a wanderer, Calvin, but try to stay put at home this time, okay?”

Bluey was a beloved member of the Brzoza family from Essex, VT until he disappeared just over a year and a half ago when he was being looked after by a cat sitter while the family was away from home.

“We went on vacation in April 2012 and a friend of ours was cat-sitting for us. She let him out and unfortunately we didn’t see him again,” Michelle Brzoza told a news crew from WCAX Channel3.

The family searched from Bluey but got no leads. “It just felt so bad that we lost this cute, adorable, little cat,” said 10 year old David Brzoza.

Months later, Bluey was picked up as a stray and taken to the Humane Society of Chittenden County, where he was renamed Calvin and adopted out to another family.

A year later, he ran away from his new home, became wounded and ended up at a Burlington animal hospital this September. His new family didn’t want him back so he returned to the shelter. Not long after, the Brzoza family started browsing Petfinder listings, looking for a new cat.

“I found a picture of this cat that looked remarkably like Bluey, our cat,” Michelle said.

“I was like, ‘Yeah, you’re right. This does look like Bluey,'” David said. “I felt like, could this be a chance to get back my pet?”

Brzozas provided proof that Calvin was in fact their missing Bluey, and they were reunited with him and brought him back home.

“It’s actually amazing to have a cat that we that we lost for a year and a half. I never thought I would get him back,” said 8 year old Genevieve Brzoza.

“It’s just a wonderful gift that we got him,” Michelle said, ” [a] gift that we got him back.”







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