Bindi: Cat Detects Breast Cancer and Saves Her Petmom’s Life

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Valerie Lubbock was told “I think you can thank your cat for saving your life,” as she left the hospital after her mastectomy.

Bindi had always been a laid-back, gentle and sweet-natured cat, so when she started acting strangely one day, owner Valerie Lubbock knew something was wrong.

Asleep on Valerie’s lap, little Bindi, who was adopted from Crawley, Reigate & District Cats Protection, reached up, pushed her paws into her owner’s chest and stared at her directly in her face. Valerie touched the spot and found a hard area. That, combined with Bindi’s uncharacteristic behavior, prompted Valerie to go for a check-up.

Within three weeks, Valerie had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had undergone a life-saving mastectomy.

Bindi is a Most Incredible Story category finalist in the Cats Protection, UK National Cat Awards.

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