Bay Cat Buddies

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The beautiful cats in a managed colony on San Francisco Bay are very loving with one another.

The Homeless Cat Network cares for the colony, and writes: “Most people don’t realize that community cats often have very strong and loving relationships with kitties in their colonies. Prepare your heart to melt as you watch the Project Bay Cat kitties show how much they adore each other!”

You can visit and follow the Homeless Cat Network at Facebook.

There is also a Project Bay Cats page at Facebook, where you can get to know the cats and see beautiful photos of them.


The Homeless Cat Network is dedicated to humanely reducing the feral cat population in San Mateo County, CA through spay/neuter, adoption, and responsible colony management.

About Project Bay Cats:

Project Bay Cat is an innovative, successful program that humanely manages a large group of community cats living along the Foster City levee in the San Francisco Bay Area. Created in 2004 as a collaboration between the City of Foster City, Homeless Cat Network and the community, the program balances the humane treatment of the cat population and the needs of the City and users of the levee/pedway.

Some think our success is best measured in numbers: 91 cats have been rescued by our dedicated, wonderful volunteers and adopted into forever-homes; 95% of the cats have been spayed/neutered; and the colony size has been humanely reduced by 53% through adoption and natural attrition. Others believe that Project Bay Cat’s success is best reflected in the fact that it’s turned into a model program that others around the world have followed and replicated in their own areas – several thousand cats around the globe have been helped thanks to this groundbreaking program! And some feel that the best measure of Project Bay Cat’s success are the program’s happy, healthy cats.

No matter how you measure it, Project Bay Cat is a wonderful program with fantastic volunteers and compassionate supporters!



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  1. Absolutely the MOST precious thing I have seen in a while! What a loving and lovable bunch, my god, I don’t think I have seen that type of affection in most humans.

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