Baxter Finds His Forever Home

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I love my adventurous cat- My Forever Home

Baxter, a beautiful black and white cat, had been in and out of the animal shelter, until he met, Jeff and his true Forever Home.

Baxter is a beautiful black and white cat. He looked cuddly on the outside but when he was brought home the talons came out. Everyone thought Baxter had a personality problem. He was overly rambunctious, taking out his excitement on arms, legs and feet. Poor Baxter was returned to Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles twice.

Jeff had an issue too. Jeff also had an overly rambunctious cat, Sookie, at home. When he found Baxter it was a match made in cat heaven. Now, both cats take their wild behavior out on each other and leave arms, legs and feet alone.



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  1. wow…i have a cat i bottle fed and he is a brat and rough player. he would pick on my older cat that Simba outweighed 3 times over. Roxy (rip) never put up with him though, she was a loner lap cat who only loved me. well then here comes Honey Dot, a tan and white fluff monster that is theeeee most loveable kitty except when it comes to cat play. Simba and Honey Dot are best friends and have each other same as Sooki and Baxter! Love hearing im not the only one. <3

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