Baboon Adopts Stray Kitten

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A baboon at an Israeli petting zoo has adopted a tiny kitten that recently strayed into its cage. Video released by the zoo shows the baboon caring for the kitten, stroking it and checking its fur for fleas as it would care for its own infant. One report says the kitten refuses to leave the cage.

4 thoughts on “Baboon Adopts Stray Kitten”

  1. I am concerned all the way around. The baboon and kitten truly need each other but is there any good nutrition for that kitten? At one point it looks like the kitten wants to suckle but the baboon diverts the kitten before that happens. Petting zoos are notorious for poor conditions and sickly animals

  2. what kind of a kitten is this? have never seen such ears in my life. looks like some sort of fox. and this place is horrible to keep the baboon in. primates are very intelligent creatures and this guy is living in a dungeon. how horrible. and who is seeiing that the kitten get fed regular meals? this is scary

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