Arrest Made in Arrow Attacks on Cats

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The Humane Society of Missuori offered a $2,500 reward and pursued an animal cruelty investigation when two cats were found shot through the neck with arrows in separate incidents in Versailles, MO on September 10.

We posted on the story on September 10, with Reward Offered After Two Missouri Cats Are Shot With Arrows

The Humane Society announced yesterday that an arrest had been made on Tuesday, September 18, when the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office took the suspect into custody.

The Humane Society of Missouri made this update on the case at their website yesterday:

An active investigation by the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force and the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office has led to an arrest last night of a subject in the case of two adult cats that were found shot with arrows in Versailles, MO on Sept. 10.

The subject is a Versailles-area adult resident. Animal abuse charges are expected. The Humane Society of Missouri is recommending prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. Charges of felony animal abuse carry a jail sentence of up to four years and/or a fine of up to $5,000 for each count.

The cats, both two-year-old males named Patches and Licorice, were shot in the neck with the arrows exiting or protruding near the shoulders. They were treated for pain and infection at the office of a local veterinarian and then transferred to the Humane Society of Missouri Headquarters where they have continued to receive care. Patches, who had the larger wound, is still in danger of losing a leg as a result of the injuries he sustained. Licorice has nerve damage along the path of the arrow which may or may not resolve as he recovers. The hope is that both cats will eventually be rehabilitated and adopted.


10 thoughts on “Arrest Made in Arrow Attacks on Cats”

  1. I had a kitty who was shot by an arrow to his left eye. It was the scariest thing. However it was teenagers who did it. Cause they didnt realize I was watching my kitty I waas able to catch them. They left the bow in the bushes n took off. Needless to say I confiscated it and turned it into the police department. When the parents confronted me with getting the bow n arrow back I let them know to pick it up at the police department, they are waiting for you with charges.The lady’s dad was a Vet, but do you think she would arrange help for my cat. NO. I let the police press charges on my behalf. The cat was on my property, they had no right. The list of charges was mainly on the parents and CPS was dispatched.

  2. This is part of the problem with our society, we should be exposing these delinquents and getting their parents involved. Too many parents hide behind this law of non-disclosure. Maybe if we shamed the parents as well as the kids there would be more control on the little s@_)ts.

  3. well said… Here yet is another terrible story where the voiceless is abused & hurt; holding on2 their precious life~God speed <3. May the humans w/ a big heart, let their loud voices be heard & help STOP such ATROCITIES!

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