Ali Gator’s Rescue

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It was cold, and Ali had her head stuck through a small hole in the bottom of a wheelie bin garbage can, where she’d been trapped for at least a few days, when a good Samaritan saw her and called for help.

Perhaps she was starving and looking for food.

Maybe, she was trying to find warmth on one of Detroit’s brutal winter days. Whatever her motivation, the 1-year-old cat, now named Ali Gator, found herself in a desperate situation.

She had her head stuck in the plastic garbage can.

With temperatures well below the freezing point, time was of the essence to free her. Michigan Humane Society rescue driver Amanda Boots arrived on the scene and immediately got to work removing her from the garbage can.

With a little bit of careful wiggling and gentle pulling, Ali Gator was free. Once Ali had been freed, her rescuers could see that she was scared but friendly. Back the shelter, she was given vaccinations, food, water and a safe, warm place to stay.

When MHS posted about Ali at Facebook on February 26, they invited those interested in adopting the young cat to stop by their Detroit adoption center to meet her.







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