A Visit With Arrow

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Photos via AWLA at Facebook


The Animal Welfare League of Arlington, VA (AWLA) cared for Arrow, the blind stray found to be riddled with BB pellets he’d been carrying around with him for a long time when he was brought to the shelter in January, then adopted him into a good home.

We covered arrow’s story in Blind Cat Peppered with BB Pellets is On the Mend on February 19 and Arrow’s Happy Ending on March 8.

AWLA reported at Facebook on April 1 that: “His adopter reports that he has settled into his new home and lives a comfortable life. He can even go down stairs now”

Here is video of Arrow’s first visit with his adopter, Anne Hancock, on March 7. We see just how friendly and loving this sweet former stray is.

The photos of Arrow in this post show him settled into his home after a few weeks there.

Part 1:


Part 2:







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