A Tuxedo Cat and Some Catnip

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Trixie shows you how much he loves to toss and turn after getting into some fresh catnip!



Trixie’s petmom writes (slightly edited): Trixie the Tuxedo Cat gets his catnip fix once in a while and when he does he rolls all over the floor, tossing and turning for several minutes! He prefers fresh catnip leaves to dried ones, but he gets the same effects from either one. Trixie loves the smell of catnip and nothing can stop him from tossing and turning when he’s on catnip. Trixie is not safe to play with when he is on catnip, he gets a little “bitey” and rough. I let him have his own little “catnip world” time.

Trixie is a mix of Ragdoll and DSH Cat. His fur is medium length, has a smoke dark gray coat, and he wears white socks on all his paws.

You can see more of Trixie and his sibling Miffy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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