A BIG Little Dude Makes Some Friends

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A very big kitty named Little Dude made a lot of friends today when a friend of his foster caregiver posted his pic to Reddit with the caption: “My wife’s friend just rescued a 36 pound cat and will be helping “Little Dude” (yes, that’s his name!) to shed his weight safely.”

Poor Little Dude looks like a huge furry blimp with legs in the photo (a version of which is seen above), but there is something about his handsome face and the personality behind his eyes that grips the viewer.

Thanks to Reddit user el_pato_grande‘s post with Little Dude and the massive attention it got from visitors to that site this morning we learned that the big rescued kitty on a weight loss journey has a Facebook page and is being fostered for WAGS – Westminster Adoption Group and Services, of Westminster, California after being taken in by the group earlier this week.

Little Dude arrived at WAGS morbidly obese, at 36.4 pounds, even though he is only 5 years old. His family relinquished him to WAGS, citing financial hardship and saying their apartment complex had raised the additional amount charged to renters with pets.

WAGS let their friends know about Little Dude by posting about him at Facebook. They said his adoption fee wold be waived to an approved home with someone who would agree to bring him in every week for a weigh-in and health check. WAGS said they were also open to sending Little Dude to a foster home where he would get help losing weight while waiting for the right home.

A family that has fostered several times for WAGS  and has adopted from them offered to take Little Dude, and he is now in foster care with Angela Jackson-Brunning and her family.

The Facebook page A BIG Little Dude has been set up to share photos, updates and video of Little Dude’s time with his foster family and his weight loss journey.

Little Dude’s bio at the Facebook page reads, in part: “No one at WAGS could prepare for what they were about to receive. They were presented with what could be considered the poster kitty for morbid obesity. Adult male cats typically weigh, on average, 12-14 lbs, but this handsome guy is just a bit bigger. Actually, he’s a lot bigger. Little Dude can barely walk, weighing in at a whopping 36.4 lbs!

“You should know, WAGS is not the typical animal shelter. They go above and beyond to provide incredible care for the animals, taking careful consideration as to the best treatment plan for each pet that comes through their doors, so the right home can be found for all. Right away, they recognized that this supersized sweetie needed an intervention. A call was put out for a foster to step up to help this cat shed the pounds and build his strength.

“Together, WAGS and the foster family – with a prescription involving lots of love, a healthy diet, playful exercise, and weekly vet checks – will help Little Dude transform into a whole new cat.

“Upon achieving a healthy weight, he will be up for adoption, looking for that purrrrrfect family to love him forever and commit to helping him maintain a healthy weight.”

A video posted to Facebook yesterday shows Little Dude getting exercise on a little walk. His foster says that while this little bit of exercise might not seem like much, it is a big step for Little Dude, who had lived a completely sedentary lifestyle.

Hopefully, Little Dude will achieve a reasonable weight and go on to lead a good long and healthy life without the health issues that affect some obese cats.  He is getting lots of love and and is finally getting the help he needs, and judging from what we’ve seen in his photos, he is happily settling in with his foster family.





Photos via A BIG Little Dude



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