3 Legged Rescue Dog Finds and Mothers Kittens Trapped in Ceiling

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Meg gets up close and personal with one of the tiny kittens she helped to rescue.
Photos, John Goodman for the Manchester Evening News


A three legged dog named Meg who made the news once before, when she was attacked by children and lost her leg six years ago, is back in the limelight after helping to rescue a tiny litter of trapped kittens and acting as their surrogate mum.

Meg was rescued as a puppy by the Rochdale and District branch of the RSPCA UK in 2008 after she was beaten by children and had to have her leg amputated. She was adopted by rescue centre manager Jean Spencer and often goes to work at the centre with her petmom.

Meg was at the centre with Jean last Wednesday night when she got her petmom’s attention by continually staring up at the ceiling and whimpering as though there was something concerning her.

Jean trusted Meg’s reaction to whatever was going on and investigated. With help, she made a large hole in the ceiling and, after several hours, a litter of 5 tiny kittens had been pulled from a narrow space above the ceiling.

“It was a really unusual rescue,” said Jean. “I know Meg and she was obviously worried about something in the ceiling so I thought I’d better have a look and it was a good thing I did.

“There was only a space in the ceiling cavity of about eight inches, so we had to make a big hole in the ceiling and work through the night to get them out.

“We think the kittens’ mum must have sneaked in through the roof to have them.”

A feral cat that has recently given birth turned up in a trap meant for another cat and is believed to be the kittens’ mum, but she shows no interest in mothering the babies.

With no mother of their own to feed and care for them, the kittens are getting round-the-clock care and feeding from shelter staff and volunteers, with some help from Meg.

“Meg is really fond of the kittens,” said Jean. “She is really kind and gentle with them and is always licking them, it is very sweet to see.”



Jean Spencer poses with the rescued kittens
Meg keeps a watchful eye on her little kittens.





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