17 Cats and Kittens Saved From Trash in Record Heat

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This Mama cat and her kittens, plus another group duct taped into a box, were found by shelter volunteers on two recent days near the Cleveland APL. They are among 156 cats to come to the shelter in a five day period.


This Mama and her kittens were put into a trash can near the Cleveland Animal Protection League’s building and were found by a shelter volunteer on July 17. Mama had gotten one kitten out and remained nearby to her other babies.


At least ten cats were duct taped into this box, then thrown inside a dumpster. They were discovered on July 21, the hottest day in a decade. They had poked their heads through the hole and were trying to escape the box. APL says they were found just in time to save their lives.

The 17 cats and kittens found in the trash were among 156 cats which ended up at the shelter in a five day period. The League will hold a $5 per cat special fee day today, July 23, to try to get some cats into homes and make room for the inevitable next wave needing spots at the shelter. The Cleveland APL does not kill cats to make space for more, so space is at a premium there.

We notice the shelter spokeswoman in the video says people should make an appointment to leave cats with them and mentions limited space, and we wonder if there is any connection between that and cat dumping near the facility … not that it’s a valid excuse.

23 thoughts on “17 Cats and Kittens Saved From Trash in Record Heat”

  1. If someone in Cleveland thinks it is hot here on earth well this is nothing compared to a MUCH HOTTER place later on!

  2. things like this turn me in to the hulk. so i turn to my cats to calm me down. may good over come evil! keep up the fight people 😀

  3. you know at worst WORST this person could have turned them into shelter- even if they were euthanized (not my choice trust me) would be better than dying like this…..this took a cold hearted bastard to do this- I hope they will fingerprint the duct tape and prosecute….

  4. I cannot imagine someone so utterly cruel.

    Our feral cats are really suffering in this heat. I spray some shady areas in the yard in the morning, before going to work. This, at least, gives them a relatively cool place for them (and Mr. Green) to lie down during the heat of the day. But their favorite places are in the trees, where there’s more air circulation.

  5. Spay and neuter…humans!

    My kitty and her 3 babies were placed in a dumpster in a box. 3 babies were found dead but Mom lived 18 years!

  6. I’m glad they were found and are doing fine now. Hope they find forever homes. Spay and neuter!

  7. @Susan: how I wish there were a simple answer to that question!

    I’m so thankful that these precious cuties were saved.

  8. did Casey do that to them?? or was it from someone learned it from Casey? sorry I shouldnt joke about that .
    but that was soooo cruel for doing that those precious creatures or human being such as this precious little Caylee… Thank you the RESCUES for saving their life!!!!!!! Those shelter deserves donation!

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