$120,0000 Cat Leaves Money to Charity

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(Provided photo/Chicago Sun Times)

Taffy the Calico cat wore handmade sweaters and dined  on Fancy Feast. When she died at age 17, she let behind $121,000 that will benefit animal welfare charities.

Taffy’s former owner, Sophie Walters, passed away in 2009 at age 82.  Walters set up a special trust fund for her beloved pet’s care, according to the Chicao Sun Times.

Most of Waters’ estate, which Mark Brown of the Sun Times estimated to be $1.5 million, went to 11 animal-welfare charities. Beneficiaries included PAWS and the Hooved Animal Humane Society in Woodstock.

(PAWS Chicago)

Taffy’s money was kept in a trust that made monthly payments to Taffy’s caregiver, Karen Norwood. Norwood said Taffy was pampered, and had her own wardrobe of colorful sweaters for winter visits to the veterinarian.

“She was a lap cat. She didn’t like to be alone,” said Norwood, who worked as Walters’ personal caregiver at a Park Ridge assisted-living facility during the final years of Walters’ life. Taffy died in March, but her legacy will endure. There’s no word on who will inherit her sweaters, however.

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