10 Day Old Kitten Rescued From Trash Can; Woman Charged

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Ollie is a 10-day-old kitten who survived being dumped in a garbage can in Port Richey, FL on Monday. He is recovering at Pasco County Animal Services after his ordeal. Ollie was rescued when a sheriff’s deputy responding to an animal welfare call heard his cries.

Pasco Sheriff’s Cpl. John Spicuglia heard muffled meowing coming from a trash can while investigating a complaint that a woman was shooting at stray cats. He picked up the cover from the can and found the tiny kitten, who is thought to have been in the hot container for more than two hours.

“The kitten was showing signs of heat stress, including very rapid breathing,” Cpl. Spicuglia said. The officer put the kitten in his patrol car, in front of the air conditioning vent in an effort to lower its body temperature.

Little Ollie is being fostered by Pasco County Animal Services education coordinator Judy Tate-Gregory, who is bottle feeding the baby kitten, alternating shifts with her daughter. Ollie sleeps in a basket in his caregiver’s office during the day. He is gaining weight and is doing well.

“He’s a real sweetie,” Ms. Gregory said. “He just opened his eyes yesterday. He purrs when he’s happy, and when I feed him, he moves his little paws up and down like he’s nursing from his mom.”

Officer Spicuglia arrested 26-year-old Jessica Struble on a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty.

Struble complained that a neighbor was feeding stray cats and said she shot at the cats with a Nerf gun. She claimed to have put the kitten in the trash can to hold it until her mother could drive it to Animal Services.

Officer Spicuglia said, “I understand that they want the cats off their property, but there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it.”

Ollie’s life was saved thanks to Cpl.John Spicuglia, and he is getting the care he needs thanks to his foster caregiver. He will be available for adoption in a few months.


Photos, Pasco County Animal Services

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  1. At least little ollie is safe now thanks to the police officer and the lady and her daughter.they all deserve congrats.

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