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Sunday Funny

Sunday Funny: Care For A Drink?

The Coolkat kitties each have their own tastes when it comes to the best place for drinking wate Read more

Sunday Funny: Happy Daddy Cat Day

What does a young girl cat get the older, wiser cat who plays father figure to her? A mouse?
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Sunday Funny: Kitten School

Sunday Funny: Yard Sale

You had your chance, Eddie; now it’s some other kitty’s turn to enjoy that cat bed you never used.

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Sunday Cat-Toonz Drawing: In Memoriam

Remembering furry loved ones, with fond regard and a little tear. Read more

Sunday Funny: Furry Macaroni

Eddie “Spaghetti” is off the hook this time, when Momma Meow finds light brown fur in her macaroni.

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Sunday Funny: Who did it?

When something’s stinky, always pass the blame.
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Sunday Funny: The Sniff-o-Meter

Eddie’s sniffometer goes all the way to Yum! when there’s chicken for dinner.

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Sunday Funny: Happy Easter!

Sunday Funny: The Birthday Angel

Devilish Winnie Girl puts on a halo in the days leading up to her 2nd birthday. Read more

Sunday Funny: Why Can't Humans Be More Like Cats?

Eddie’s thoughts on the frantic scene some mornings at the CoolCat household.

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Sunday Funny: Spring Forward

Eddie, with a cat’s perspective on the transition to Daylight Savings Time.
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