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Kodi’s petdad writes: “I love him, I do, but sometimes… DAMN CAT!!” Watch and see why! Read more

What Cats Think When You Exercise

Why do cats love to get in the way during exercise? Well, now we know, thanks to Shorty and Kodi! Read more

Life Hacks for Cats, with Shorty and Kodi

Are you a cat who wants to make your life even easier? Follow these life hacks to sleep better, maintain a clean litterbox, and get away with anything. Read more

Fortune Kitty Predicts Super Bowl Win!

Kodi predicts the winner of Super Bowl 2015. Read more

The Neediest Cat in the World

Kodi is in the running for neediest (and lovingest) cat in the world. Watch! Read more

8 Signs Your Cat is Trying to Kill You!

Shorty and Kodi help demonstrate these 8 signs that your cat is trying to kill you. Read more

Cats vs Giant Spider!

Sho and Ko can’t keep their paws – and teeth – off this Halloween costume! Shorty wants a leg and Kodi especially loves the “web” that is going to go through the back. Happy Halloween! Read more

The Black Cat Mystery

Shorty’s confused! She can’t figure out why black cats are considered bad luck, scary, and/or boring! Read more

8 Signs of Addiction, featuring Shorty the Cat

Shorty the cat knows what it’s like to battle addiction; she’s got it real bad for that banana toy. Read more

Cat Imitates Exercise Video!

Kodi appears as a tiny figure in the mirror in this one, mimicking his petdad’s leg movements during an instructional exercise session. Read more

How to Cut Your Cat's Claws: A Sho Ko How-To Video Featuring Shorty and Kodi

Shorty and Kodi help their petdad demonstrate how to trim a cat’s claws in this entertaining and informative tutorial video. Read more

2 Kodi

Kodi turned 2 on Jan 17 so he spent the day doing exactly what he loves. But we take a short look back and look at the early communication going on between Shorty and Kodi and appreciate that perhaps the end result was not so surprising. Read more

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