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shelter killing

NC Family says animal control killed their cat

A heartbroken mother and daughter believe the county animal shelter euthanized their beloved cat and are not coming clean on what happened. Read more

Cats win big with 2 Virginia legislative victories

Cats, dogs, animal lovers and advocates are all winners thanks to two decisions made by the Virginia legislature. Read more

NC Shelter Dismantles Gas Chamber

A shelter in North Carolina working to improve conditions and outcomes for animals has dismantled their gas chamber, never to use it again. The shelter will use the more humane injection method and is also focused on transport, adoption and spay/neuter to save lives and reduce the number of unwanted pets. Read more

Hearts Break at Kodak's Needless Death and Controversy Flares

A blind cat known to thousands through an unforgettable photo was killed at the shelter on Monday, the day he was scheduled for release to rescuers. Read more

Biscuit is Trapped and Euthanized; His Petmom and the Shelter Director Speak Out

Biscuit went out one day and didn’t come home. He was trapped, taken to the shelter and killed, as his petmom searched for him. A news crew spoke with the petmom and the shelter director after the community became outraged at the way Biscuit died.
Read more