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Trooper Meets Trooper

Trooper the cat gained international fame when he was found frozen to the ground in Newfoundland last winter. The cat and his friends recently met Canadian rock band Trooper, with whom they share a special relationship, at a concert venue. Read more

Trooper Continues His Healing Journey

Trooper, the cat found injured and frozen to the ground, has been recuperating from surgeries in foster care since he was released from the hospital on March 4. He’s walking a bit and sporting a snazzy band tee from Canadian band Trooper.

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Trooper Out of Surgery: Breaking News

The cat found frozen to a driveway had his scheduled surgery today and is resting afterward. News of his condition and the details on surgery have just come out.

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Trooper Update: Injured Cat Receives Worldwide Support As He Awaits Surgery

Trooper, the injured cat left to freeze on the ground, has friends worldwide now. He has been examined by his new doctors and will have surgery later this week.

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