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Firefighters Use Special Equipment to Save Kittens

Firefighters with the Ocean City-Wright Fire Control District in Walton Beach, Florida rescued several cats at a house fire in Shalimar on Thursday and shared the story of the rescue. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Stray Kitten at House Fire

A stray kitten in Newport News, Virginia is getting a fresh start in life thanks to firefighters who found him at the scene of a house fire. Read more

Colony in Boca Raton need HELP

The Florida cat group Undercats4Life is making an appeal for help to save the cats from a colony in Boca Raton who only have a week to be relocated with a new caretaker or otherwise rescued. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Kitten and Find him a Good Home

Tampa, Florida firefighters rescued a kitten trapped in a car engine for three days and found him a good home. Read more

Photographer Captures Cat's Dramatic Rescue from Burning Home

A photographer on site at a house fire captured the drama as a cat was discovered sitting in an upstairs window of the burning home, then was rescued by a firefighter and returned to a grateful owner. Read more

Kitten is Rescued from Narrow Underground Pipe

A six week old kitten named Piper was rescued by animal rescue and fire crews Thursday afternoon after a family getting cash from an ATM heard his cries. Read more

Firefighters Rescue Cat from Chimney Vent

Snoopy was stuck in a chimney vent for days after climbing in through the small ash door at the base of the chimney at his Sparks, Nevada home, until local firefighters freed him. Read more

The Yelly Kitten: A Rescue Story

A kitten from a cat colony who’d been separated from his siblings yelled and yelled after he was trapped as part of a big rescue operation. He yelled – meowing forcefully yet pathetically – until something happened that made everything all right. Read more

Firefighters Rescue and Revive Cat at House Fire

Firefighters in Ottawa, Canada rescued a dog and a cat from a house fire on Friday, and revived the cat with a pet oxygen mask at the scene. Read more

Rescue Hero Helps Pets Affected by Fires

Philadelphia firefighter and Red Paw Emergency Relief Team founder Jen Leary is profiled in a CNN Heroes segment. Read more

Beloved Cat Psycho is Rescued and Revived at Apartment Fire

Psycho’s petparents consider her their child and are grateful to firefighters who found her seemingly lifeless body and saved her life when their apartment burned while they were at work early one morning recently. Read more

From Abandoned in Storm to Loving Sanctuary

Ferguson was lost and alone when he was rescued by a kind lady, who found him lying in a snow bank, unable to get up or walk. Read more

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