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Firefighters Rescue and Revive Cat at House Fire

Firefighters in Ottawa, Canada rescued a dog and a cat from a house fire on Friday, and revived the cat with a pet oxygen mask at the scene. Read more

Rescue Hero Helps Pets Affected by Fires

Philadelphia firefighter and Red Paw Emergency Relief Team founder Jen Leary is profiled in a CNN Heroes segment. Read more

Beloved Cat Psycho is Rescued and Revived at Apartment Fire

Psycho’s petparents consider her their child and are grateful to firefighters who found her seemingly lifeless body and saved her life when their apartment burned while they were at work early one morning recently. Read more

From Abandoned in Storm to Loving Sanctuary

Ferguson was lost and alone when he was rescued by a kind lady, who found him lying in a snow bank, unable to get up or walk. Read more

Saving Anna

Anna was so cold that she collapsed and was near death after walking up to the front door of a good Samaritan’s office in Massachusetts last Thursday morning. A shelter’s vet staff spent all day warming her up and by the end of the day she was full of life, asking for attention and making lots of chirps and trills. Read more

Cat is Rescued From Busy Highway After 2 Days

Vanity is safe at the shelter after being rescued from a busy highway in Riverside, CA where she had been in danger for at least two days. Read more

Austin Firefighters Save Cat from House Fire

A cat found in its burning home was unresponsive when it was rescued by firefighters, but was successfully revived with the use of a pet oxygen mask and will be fine. Read more

Frosty: Kitten Found Frozen to the Ground Gets Help

Frosty is staying warm and being treated for a respiratory infection after being rescued this morning when a good Samaritan found him frozen to the ground and took him to get help. Read more

Pretzel's Story

Twisty-legged kitten Pretzel is the only one of her litter to survive. After round the clock care in her loving Kitten Rescue foster home, Pretzel is now a healthy, happy and playful 7 month old girl. Her foster mom is running for Pretzel in this year’s LA Marathon. Read more

Boy's Donated Pet Oxygen Mask Saves Cat

A cat in Millville, NJ is alive and well today thanks to a 9 year old boy’s successful campaign last fall to raise money and provide pet oxygen masks to local firefighters and EMTs. Read more

Hope's Tale

Hope was on her own, covered in fleas, wet, cold, frightened and seriously injured when she was rescued shortly before Christmas. She was paralyzed and on a drip for the first few days, but then took a turn for the better. Now in foster care, Hope has regained much of the use of her legs and is doing well. Read more

Russell: Cat Burned in House Fire Gets Help

A cat burned in a fire at his family’s home is on the mend thanks to his caring vets and the support of animal lovers. Read more

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