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Cat Rescued from Wall at Reagan National Airport

A cat trapped behind a wall at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, VA was rescued thanks to the combined efforts of airport police and fire crews and a local animal welfare organization. Read more

Lulabelle: Slowly Learning to Trust Again

Lulabelle is a beautiful, plump orange tabby cat that seems like she should be confident and behave like a queen, with her regal appearance. Read more

Good Samaritan and Shelter Staff Rescue Kitten Trapped for Days

Staff from Southern Pines Animal Shelter in Hattiesburg, MS saved the day for a little kitten trapped down a drain and the people who’d been trying to get her rescued for days. Read more

Good Samaritan Rescues Kitten Thrown from Pickup Truck

A tiny 5 week old kitten was thankfully unharmed after being thrown from a truck earlier today, and is safe in foster care tonight. Read more

Los Angeles Fire Department Kitten Rescue: Footage from Scene

Dramatic footage from the scene shows the extent of the rescue operation by LA firefighters and police who saved a little kitten trapped below ground in a drain. Read more

Subway Kittens Up for Adoption

Arthur and August gained fame as the Subway Kittens when they shut down mass transit service to part of Brooklyn, NY one day in August. Now they are ready to go to their forever home. Read more

Firefighters Rescue and Adopt Kittens Found During Training Exercise

Firefighters conducting a drill rescued four young kittens who’d been living in a car used in a jaws of life exercise and, between themselves and their friends, gave them all homes. Read more

Mama Cat and Kittens Dumped in Sealed Bin are Rescued

A beautiful young mama cat and her two kittens were rescued when a Good Samaritan found them sealed into a plastic recycling bin in a field. They are now safe in the care of a vet hospital. Read more

Police and Firefighters Aid Kitten in Distress

South Los Angeles police and firefighters came to the aid of a little kitten in distress today, rescuing it and giving it a home. Read more

Pepper: Kitten Found in the Woods Gets Help and a Home

Pepper had an earmite infestation and a cut above his ear when his rescuers found him the the woods. The couple took him to the vet and have given him a good home. Read more

Cat Runs Off at Vet's and is Rescued from Car

A cat who sprang from her owner’s arms when leaving the vet went missing and was later rescued by the local fire department after prospective car buyers heard her distressed meows when they started the engine of a Jaguar. Read more

Kitten is Rescued and Revived After Fire

A Michigan family is grateful to the firefighters that revived their new little kitten following a fire. Read more

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