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Austin Firefighters Save Cat from House Fire

A cat found in its burning home was unresponsive when it was rescued by firefighters, but was successfully revived with the use of a pet oxygen mask and will be fine. Read more

Frosty: Kitten Found Frozen to the Ground Gets Help

Frosty is staying warm and being treated for a respiratory infection after being rescued this morning when a good Samaritan found him frozen to the ground and took him to get help. Read more

Pretzel's Story

Twisty-legged kitten Pretzel is the only one of her litter to survive. After round the clock care in her loving Kitten Rescue foster home, Pretzel is now a healthy, happy and playful 7 month old girl. Her foster mom is running for Pretzel in this year’s LA Marathon. Read more

Boy's Donated Pet Oxygen Mask Saves Cat

A cat in Millville, NJ is alive and well today thanks to a 9 year old boy’s successful campaign last fall to raise money and provide pet oxygen masks to local firefighters and EMTs. Read more

Hope's Tale

Hope was on her own, covered in fleas, wet, cold, frightened and seriously injured when she was rescued shortly before Christmas. She was paralyzed and on a drip for the first few days, but then took a turn for the better. Now in foster care, Hope has regained much of the use of her legs and is doing well. Read more

Russell: Cat Burned in House Fire Gets Help

A cat burned in a fire at his family’s home is on the mend thanks to his caring vets and the support of animal lovers. Read more

Ten Things Every Rescuer Wants You to Know

Guest post by Sherry Pfau, who says: I leveraged the wisdom and experience of some of my fellow rescue friends, and we came up with the top ten things we want the general public to know about rescue. Read more

Kitten is Doing Well After Being Thrown from Car

A kitten in Columbia, TN is on the mend after being thrown from a car last Wednesday. Eva’s Eden cat shelter and The Veterinary Wellness Center of Columbia are caring for the kitten, and Columbia Animal Control is investigating the case. Read more

Spotty Cat Goes Home

Three months after he was found following a terrible series of events, Spotty cat was reunited with his family today. Spotty’s home burned, he went missing, and he was hit by a car. He received medical treatment and recuperated in foster care before finally rejoining his petmom, in an emotional reunion. Read more

Chinese Animal Activists Save 2,800 Cats Headed to Market

Animal activists and police worked together to save nearly 3,000 cats this week when they intercepted a truck headed to market. Read more

Phoenix Firefighters Rescue Woman's 6 Cats and Dogs from Condo Fire

Carrie Cavuoto was overcome with emotion when expressing her gratitude upon being reunited with pets, who firefighters saved from a fire at her condo. Read more

Guardians of Rescue and Roto-Rooter Team Up to Rescue Kitten

Rescue volunteers and sewer system professionals with specialized equipment teamed up in a four hour rescue mission on a very stormy night to save a crying, trapped kitten. Read more

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