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Three newborn kittens are rescued

Three tiny kittens were rescued after school children heard their little mews. Read more

Firefighters save teen rescuer and cat from tall tree

A well-intentioned teen trying to rescue a cat from a tall tree ended up stranded high above the ground along with the feline, leading to a double rescue by firefighters. Read more

Cat joins therapy pet team

Last year, Hardy was a 10 year old raggedy shelter cat. No he is a handsome, well-loved boy with a who gives back to the community as a therapy cat. Read more

Elsa the Frozen Kitten's Happy Tale

The Denver Dumb Friends League celebrates Elsa the frozen kitten’s story as a Happy Tale with a true fairytale ending. Read more

Kitten stolen from rescue group at Petco is returned with note of apology

A rescue group credits a concerned public, sharing and the power of social media for the safe return of a stolen kitten. Read more

Abandoned cat that went missing is safely found

When a woman went back to rescue an abandoned cat he was gone, leaving her wishing she had saved him when she had the chance. Kitty has now been safely found. Read more

Suki is rescued and gets help following terrible incident

Suki was treated badly and hurt, but thanks to the good Samaritan who found her, a caring shelter and her vets she is doing well now. Read more

Kitten meows for help and gets rescue for his sister and himself

Two abandoned kittens are safe now after the brother cried loudly enough to get himself and his sister rescued. Read more

Cat is rescued from burning home and revived by firefighters

An Oregon cat named Striker was revived with a pet oxygen mask by firefighters who rescued him from his burning home Saturday night. Read more

Rescuer adopts kitten thrown from car after 2 month recovery

A kitten injured when he was thrown from a moving car on December 3 has been adopted by the woman who rescued him. Read more

Kitten is rescued from a tight spot

A kitten got herself into quite a jam when her head became stuck in the drainage hole at the bottom of a dumpster. Read more

Soldier who adopted stray cat from Afghanistan helps stray cat back at home

A US soldier who brought a cat home from Afghanistan is being thanked for his kindness to cats after helping a stray cat back home. Read more

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