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Kitten rescued by firefighters gets the perfect home

A feel-good kitten rescue story has come full circle to a very happy ending with the kitten’s adoption into the perfect home. Read more

More on the cat rescued from NYC subway tracks

Raw video shows the moment police officers rescued George the cat from a NYC subway track bed early Wed. evening and handed him back to his petmom. Read more

Cat on NYC subway tracks causes major delays during Wednesday rush hour

George the cat caused massive delays on the NYC subway system Wednesday but was safely rescued from the tracks and returned to his owner. Read more

Shipyard cat Wolfie finds a home

Wolfie the Shipyard cat has finally gotten a home after ten years living rough, while being looked after by his many friends. Read more

Firefighter crews rescue kitten trapped and entangled in car engine

Two Prince George County, Maryland fire and rescue departments were very pleased with the outcome of a kitten rescue where they worked together on Saturday. Read more

Mama cat and her kittens found taped into box on hot day

A mama cat and her kittens are safe now after being found taped into a box on a hot day. Read more

Tiny rescued kitten strikes pose in police officer's hat

A helpless little kitten found on the side of the road in Cork, Ireland is safe and getting help at a local vet. Read more

NOLA firefighters revive lifeless cat with pet oxygen mask

A cat pictured wearing a pet oxygen mask like a helmet was brought back to life when firefighters found him lying unconscious in his burning home. Read more

Lucky Laurie's rescue: Kitten injured when thrown from car

A sweet little kitten is recovering with a rescue group after being injured when he was thrown from a car. Read more

Mama Cat Kami Learns To Love & Trust Again

Kami and her kittens were rescued from an industrial site and are now in foster care. In this vlog episode, Kami is losing her fear and learning to trust again. Read more

Stanley's story

A stray cat in chronic pain from an old injury and tired from living rough has gotten help, and is now pain-free and headed toward a new life in a good home. Read more

Kitten is saved from dangerous highway in early morning rescue

A police officer rescued a scared, crying cat from a dangerous highway overpass in the still-dark early hours Wednesday. Read more

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