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Cat survives trip in car engine with minor burns

A lucky black cat was rescued from a car engine with only minor injuries after a terrifying ride trapped inside. Read more

Tumbelina gets her wheels

Mobility-impaired kitten Tumbelina was rescued by Valley Cats, Inc. and she was given a chance to get around on her own! Read more

Billie Jean is rescued from cold and frostbite

By the time a little cat staggered into a New Jersey garage last month, she could barely stand due to severe frostbite. Read more

Meet Van Gogh, the one-eared painting cat!

Meet Van Gogh, the one-eared painting cat! Read more

Otter the cat is rescued from San Franciscoe fire

Friends and strangers have banded together to help beloved cat who ended up in ICU after he was rescued from a fire and treated by firefighters at the scene. Read more

Cat who escaped fire is comforted as she gets oxygen from firefighter

Prissy the cat was treated outside of her burning home by a firefighter using a pet oxygen mask Tuesday. Read more

Neighbors get help for cat stuck up a utility pole crying for 2 days

Concerned residents in Helena, Montana got help for a poor, distressed kitty crying from atop a utility pole for two days. Read more

Cat found frozen to ground is reunited with his family

A cat found frozen to the ground Thursday afternoon is back home with his family after widespread media coverage helped them find him. Read more

Firefighters rescue and revive kitten and puppy at house fire

Two pets rescued from a house fire in Pine Bluff, AR are alive, thanks to two quick thinking firefighters who say they were just doing their job. Read more

Purrfect Valentine's Day gotcha day for Cupid the rescued cat

When Cupid was rescued on Feb. 14, 2014, a vet said the kitten would probably not live for a year. His is doing great and will celebrate his 1st Gotcha Day on Valentine’s Day. Read more

Good Samaritan rescues cat found frozen to the ground

A sweet cat got a very lucky break yesterday when a good Samaritan spotted him frozen to the ground at the side of a road after a snowplow went by. Read more

Three newborn kittens are rescued

Three tiny kittens were rescued after school children heard their little mews. Read more

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