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Mamma cat and kittens rescued before fumigation

A mama cat and her newborn kittens were rescued from a hard-to-reach spot before the house they were underneath was fumigated. Read more

Winne's rescue: Cat thrown into cold river waters is saved

A pair of good Samaritans were in the right place at the right time to rescue a cat who’d been zipped into a duffel bag and tossed into a river. Read more

Bruce Almighty: Cat found with his legs bound gets help

There has been an outpouring of both support and donations for Bruce, who was found last week with his legs tightly bound by electrical tape. Read more

Firefighters rescue grateful woman's cat from house fire

The moment was captured on camera as a firefighter handed a woman her cat, who was rescued from an incredibly fierce fire at the woman’s home. Read more

Firefighters resuscitate unconscious cats at house fire

Two cats found unconscious in their smoke-filled home were resuscitated and brought back by firefighters on Monday. Read more

3 year old boy rescues kitten born without eyes

A 3 year-old Lubbock, Texas area boy is responsible for the rescue of a stray kitten who was born without eyes, and will adopt his new little best friend. Read more

Kitten trapped within wall is rescued

A kitten in Dallas, Texas was rescued after getting himself in a jam that would have ended very badly for him had someone not heard him and called for help. Read more

Cats find love with Tinder

Vancouver’s cats are going digital as they search for true love on Tinder. Watch as they catfish unsuspecting users. Read more

Lifeless cats are revived after house fire

Firefighters were able to revive a family’s beloved cats, who seemed lifeless when they were rescued from their burning home. Read more

Firemen save cat with head stuck in outdoor toilet

A cat got his head stuck in an outdoor toilet and had to spend a night in subzero temperatures before being rescued by firefighters. Read more

Ernie: The recovery of a little kitten stuck in a wall

Ernie the kitten was trapped in a wall for several days before being rescued. Read more

"Sesame Street" kittens are rescued from garbage can

Five beautiful kittens rescued from a garbage can are all cleaned up and on their way to better lives as Tiny Kittens’ Sesame Street kittens. Read more

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