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Mama Cat Won't Dance With Her Kittens

Mama kitty Kami is not joining in as her darling little kittens form a kitten chorus line. Read more

Mimi is rescued and gets help following Rock Creek BC fire

Mimi survived a wild fire in British Columbia that destroyed her home and was found two days later by a neighbor, taking refuge in her petmom’s car. Read more

Pub goers rally round for cat dangling from window by his paws

Onlookers standing below were united in their concern for a cat dangling by his paws outside a window. Read more

Stormy's Rescue

A kitten is safe and sound after a rescue that saw a humane officer crawl a long distance underground in a narrow drainage pipe to rescue him. Read more

Bryson the Brave: Kitten is rescued after 5 mile ride in car's wheel well

A little kitten is now safe and in foster care after being rescued by firefighters following a five mile ride in a car’s wheel well. Read more

Riley's Homecoming: Missing cat is found after a year

A beloved young cat missing for a year has been reunited with his family, thanks to a rescuer who spotted him sitting in a dangerous spot near a busy roadway. Read more

Kitten with burn injuries gets care as officials investigate

A kitten with burn injuries is in stable condition after being dropped off at a shelter by a couple who left her nested on a pillow in a milk crate. Read more

Kitten is rescued with shop vac

A small kitten in Chesapeake, WV was rescued from a difficult-to-reach spot thanks to some creative thinking on the part of her rescuers. Read more

Firefighters rescue kitten from underground pipe - Photos

Volunteers firefighters snapped several pics of a kitten they rescued from a pipe below ground. Read more

The Rescue of Peter Parker and Matt Murdock

There was no way out for two kittens trapped 10 feet down an old chimney. Read more

Rescued kittens nursed back to health

Four beautiful kittens dumped in a garbage bag at a skate park were rescued by good Samaritans, got loving care at a local vet’s and all found homes. Read more

Cat survives 150-mile journey after being trapped in engine

A cat is lucky to be back home after he was trapped in a car engine for three days – and survived a 150-mile journey. Read more

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