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Little Dude RIP: Sweet big boy on weight loss journey passes away

Little Dude’s caregivers did their best for him after the sweet 36 pound cat’s family handed him over to them. He passed away Saturday after a sudden medical crisis. Read more

Woman Finds Missing Cat on Facebook

A cat who was missing for a month is back home tonight after his petmom’s friend saw him in a photo at Facebook, lounging in someone’s home. Read more


Meet Max, a Maine Coon/Ragdoll mix tuxedo cat beauty with striking, fluffy white ear tufts. Read more

Pepper: Kitten Found in the Woods Gets Help and a Home

Pepper had an earmite infestation and a cut above his ear when his rescuers found him the the woods. The couple took him to the vet and have given him a good home. Read more

Kitty Sees Absent Owners on Skype for the First Time

“We have been travelling for more than a month now. This was our cat’s first reaction upon seeing us over Skype.” Read more

Sir Stuffington: Cute Special Needs Foster Kitten Gains Fame

Sir Stuffington is one of those adorable cats who go viral and gain spontaneous fame. His foster petmom is using his fame to highlight the good work shelters, rescuers and foster caregivers do for animals in need. Read more

Daisy's Packing Peanuts Party

Cuz there ain’t no party like a packing peanuts party! Read more

Paw Talk

What is this cat saying to his paw? Here are some amusing thoughts on the subject. Read more

Frank and Boots: Brotherly Love

Frank and Boots are never far apart, as this series of photos shows. Read more

Venus the Chimera Cat's Viral Fame Takes her to the Today Show

Venus, the strikingly beautiful cat whose markings have made her an instant star, appeared on Today this morning with her petparents. Read more

Venus the Chimera Cat and the Viral Fame That Created a Community

A cat with an unusual and striking beauty gained instant fame after someone posted her photo online. Her family is overwhelmed with the appreciation and good wishes for their little girl. Read more

Good Samaritan Rescues Kitten From Gas Station Trash

A Good Samaritan rescued a newborn kitten when he heard her cries during a stop at a gas station last weekend. He took her home is is devoting himself to her care. Photos document the rescue.
Read more