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10 cats and Soap bubbles

The ’10 Cats’ kitties – or some of them, anyway – are fascinated by soap bubble on the other side of a glass door. Read more

Cat attempts to reach lizard friend

A cat on the window sill is intent on getting its paws on a tiny lizard that is so near and yet so far, safely on the other side of the window glass. Read more

How To Be A Sensible Cat Person

Being a sensible cat person is easy, just do whatever your cats tell you to do, there’s nothing crazy about that, right?!? Read more

Kittens Laser show

Cute kittens are captivated by an awesome green laser show. Read more

Baby is having a fun time with kitten! Laughing non stop!

A baby is having great fun laughing non stop while playing with the family cat in this infectiously cute video. Read more

Top 10 Cat Superpowers!

We all know cats are super! … But did you know they have SUPERPOWERS!? Cole and Marmalade demonstrate by showing their superpowers. Read more

What Happens When Cats See a Moth!

When Cole & Marmalade and discover a moth in their territory they’re fascinated and the action begins! Read more


Cole enjoys supervised play with his favorite ribbon in this cute cat video! Read more

Roodi The Crazy Lovin' Kitten

Roodi is definitely one crazy, playful kitten! Read more

Kitten trying to play with Big Cat

A kitten playing with its little littermates tries to get big kitty interested in the game. Read more

Cats vs Laser Pointers Compilation

Cats chase the red dot in this cute new compilation of video clips. Read more


Didga the amazing skateboard riding cat is back, but this time he’s playing ordinary cat games while hanging out on the bed. Wait for the slo mo jumps! Read more

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