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Rescued bobcat kittens are happily paired at animal refuge

Two rescued bobcat kittens who became too acclimated to human contact to be returned to the wild are in care at an animal refuge center. Read more

A Cat's Guide to Boxes

Cole and Marmalade present A Cat’s Guide to Boxes. Read more

When Your Friend Won't Wake Up: Kitten and Dog Edition

A cute and persistent little ginger kitten named Jack plays with Bella the pit bull’s ear and then her leg, but she just doesn’t want to wake up. Read more

10 Cats and the Ice Ball

The 10 Cats kitties cool off and refresh themselves while playing with a giant ice ball. Read more

Kittens get a new toy

Some madcap kitten fun to make your day or night better! Read more

Cat vs Kitten - Cat Tree Battle!

Cole and Marmalade star in this super cute video showing them at the cat tree when Marm was a growing kitten. Read more

Cole & Marmalade: Ultimate Cat Shaming!

Cole and Marmalade’s secrets are exposed in this cute cat-shaming video. Funny, though, we wonder if they are more proud than ashamed. Read more

Marmalade's EPIC Cat Birthday Party!

Marmalade the cat survived a scary bout with cancer, so when his 2nd birthday rolled round he and his brother Cole celebrated with a super birthday party bash. Read more

10 cats and Soap bubbles

The ’10 Cats’ kitties – or some of them, anyway – are fascinated by soap bubble on the other side of a glass door. Read more

Cat attempts to reach lizard friend

A cat on the window sill is intent on getting its paws on a tiny lizard that is so near and yet so far, safely on the other side of the window glass. Read more

How To Be A Sensible Cat Person

Being a sensible cat person is easy, just do whatever your cats tell you to do, there’s nothing crazy about that, right?!? Read more

Kittens Laser show

Cute kittens are captivated by an awesome green laser show. Read more

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