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Kodi’s petdad writes: “I love him, I do, but sometimes… DAMN CAT!!” Watch and see why! Read more

Cats and Dogs Playing Instruments Compilation

A little music from our four-footed friends! Read more

Purr Elise

A piano classic with Dad at the keyboard makes for the perfect backdrop to a day in the lives of Shorty and Kodi. Read more

Heart and Soul piano duet for cat and human

Kodi performs a duet with dad. He’s been been practicing his heart out learning his part but still gets distracted by moving things. Read more

Kodi demands petting at the piano

Kodi interrupts Purr Elise to say, “Pet me please!” Maybe he’s jealous of the new piano? Bet he’ll love Mewnlight Sonata. Read more

Nimbus the Piano School Cat

Contributor Nicky Westbrook writes with another profile on life with cats in her area of Texas.
Read more