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Kitty Gets Cuddles From Her Friend

A kitty gets some rare cuddles from her friend after returning from the vet wearing the cone of shame. Read more

Photo: Woman is reunited with her cat at Thanksgiving

A woman and her cat shared a touching moment when they were reunited at Thanksgiving after spending several months apart. Read more

Paw Talk

What is this cat saying to his paw? Here are some amusing thoughts on the subject. Read more

Cat Steals the Show in Couple's Wedding Photos

The bride and groom didn’t mind when Coco the cat upstaged them both in photos from their July 6 wedding. See the photos here. Read more

Chase: A Dream Come True

This adorable kitty was a dream come true for his adopters. Read more

Kitten Sees the World For the First Time

Armando opens his eyes for the first time. Read more

Little Orange Furball of Cuteness

The little orange furball of cuteness is a pair of rescued kittens who have been adopted into a loving home. The kittens are featured in a beautiful series of photos. Read more

Frank and Boots: Brotherly Love

Frank and Boots are never far apart, as this series of photos shows. Read more

Sprite: Blind Kitty Living the Good Life

They wanted to euthanize him as a kitten because he’s blind. Today he played in 2 feet of snow. Read more

Cat and Fox are Best Friends

This pair have been seen together for over a year in Lake Van, Turkey. They were first spotted by local fisherman who witnessed them sharing a fish and playing together. Read more

Cactus Jack

“I saved a kitten from a cactus patch and nursed him back to health!” says Cactus Jack’s rescuer, who adopted him and helped him recover from the effects of his ordeal. Read more

Cats of Okinawa

Videographer Skytomo, who’s had some viral cat video hits lately, made this beautiful and artistic tribute to the cats of Okinawa.
Read more

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