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Momma Meow

Sunday Funny: Score!

Eww! Naughty kitty! Eddie scores a direct hit.

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Sunday Funny: The Birthday Angel

Devilish Winnie Girl puts on a halo in the days leading up to her 2nd birthday. Read more

Sunday Funny: Spring Forward

Eddie, with a cat’s perspective on the transition to Daylight Savings Time.
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Sunday Funny: Wishful Thinking

Eddie and his friend Jack, with the truth about chattering.
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Sunday Funny: Traffic Jam

A couple of pals meet up. The somewhat less than graceful Tuppy is the black cat crossing Eddie’s path today.

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Sunday Funny: Mine!

Somebody forgets his manners at mealtime.

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Sunday Funny: Lapcat

The reality of looking at cats on the laptop computer.
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Sunday Funny Cat-Toonz: April Showers

Introducing Cat-Toonz by Cat K., featurng Eddie Coolkat and his friends. Read more