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Shelley's Story: Rescue kitty born without paw gets help

Shelley was born without one of her back paws. Now the 3 year old rescue kitty is getting a prosthetic to help her walk better. Read more

Woman is reunited with missing cat after 7 years

Freya is back home with her loving petmom again seven years after she disappeared, thanks to a shelter’s TNR program and her microchip. Read more

Missing blind and deaf indoor cat is reunited with her petmom

A blind and deaf 12 year old indoor cat who went missing three weeks ago is safely back home. Read more

Cat Missing After House Fire is Found

A family who lost everything when their house burned on Monday has been reunited with their cat, who was missing all week after fleeing the fire. Read more

Missing Cat Marissa Reunited with Her Family After 15 Months

Marissa’s family is thrilled to have her back with them agaiin, and she is thriving in the family’s new home. Read more

Baby is Back: Woman Reunited With Her Missing Joplin Tornado Cat After 15 Months

Baby was reunited with his grateful petmom yesterday after being separated from her since the May 22, 2011 tornado that destroyed part of their city and displaced thousands of pets. Read more

Family Offers $5k Reward for Missing Cat

A Chicago family whose Savannah cat went missing 2,000 miles from home in La Jolla, CA has plastered the area with missing posters, hired a pet detective and offered a $5,000 reward. News coverage in the San Diego area has made this a high profile case. Read more

Missing Blind Kitty Returns Home After Two Years

Sasha was let out, ended up at a shelter, was adopted, returned to the shelter, then was spotted by someone who recognized her, and is finally back home. Read more

Boy the Cat Is Reunited With His Family 16 Months After the Christchurch Earthquake

Boy went missing after the devastating earthquake hit NZ on Feb. 22, 2011. He turned up at a shelter this week and, thanks to his microchip, is now back home. Read more

Soba, Missing For 4 Years, Is found In Feral Cat Sweep and Returns Home

Heather Grygier tried to find her missing cat, with no luck. Four years after she went missing, Soba was trapped this week and a microchip scan reunited her with her family. Read more

Vincent Finds His Family Again After 4 Years

Luckily, Vincent did not get adopted when a shelter featured him on their Facebook page. A series of events is bringing him back to his family, now 3,000 miles away, after 4 years.

Read more

Cat Missing 3 Years Is Reunited With Family After Earthquake

Fritz went missing 3 years ago and was found after this week’s earthquake in Melbourne, Australia. He was taken to a shelter where his microchip brought him back together with his overjoyed family.
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