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Woman is reunited with her missing cat after 8 years

Thanks to a shelter doing a microchip scan, Chloe the cat is back home with her petmom after eight years. Read more

Brach the Cat Reunited After 2 Years!

Brach the cat disappeared more than 2 years ago and his owner thought he would never see him again…until one happy day earlier this month! Read more

Cat thought dead returns home after 8 years

Moonlight’s family are thrilled to have him back home with them after nearly nine years. Read more

Pudge is reunited with his petmom after more than a year

Errienne was certain she would never see her cat, Pudge, again, but thanks to his microchip they’ve been reunited. Read more

Stowaway cat makes cross country trip in U-Haul trailer

A stowaway orange tabby cat named Kevin traveled across the US undetected until inspectors at the Arizona-California border found him in a U-Haul trailer. Read more

Missing cat is back home after four years in the wild

After four long years, Duke is safely back home with his family again. Read more

Weird case of the cat found floating in suitcase on a canal

A cat who had been missing from his home has been discovered in a suitcase floating down a canal. Read more

Sugar is reunited with her petmom after 3 years

A Maine woman got a most surprising and happy reunion earlier this month when her beloved missing cat was found after almost 3 years. Read more

Woman is stunned to be reunited with her missing cat after 8 years

Malcom disappeared just before his family moved to Crete in 2007 and miraculously reappeared this month, shortly after their return home. Read more

Children are overjoyed at missing cat's return

Two San Carlos, CA children were thrilled to come home from school Monday and find their missing cat greeting them. Read more

Elderly cat is flown cross country to be reunited with her petmom

Erin Rose was in rough shape when she was brought in to a CA shelter as a stray. Her new friends found her petmom in FL and flew her there for a happy reunion. Read more

Muffin, paralyzed kitten improves

Muffin is doing well and trying to walk after getting surgery to reverse partial paralysis caused by a botched microchip implant. New video! Read more

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