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Muffin, paralyzed kitten improves

Muffin is doing well and trying to walk after getting surgery to reverse partial paralysis caused by a botched microchip implant. New video! Read more

Missing cat Taboo is back home after two years

A missing cat named Taboo is back with his petmom again after two years, thanks to several people who pitched in to help him find his way home. Read more

Microchip Reunites Spaz the Cat and his Family After 12 Years

Spaz’s petmom had long given up hope of ever seeing the 17 year old cat again, but a good Samaritan, his microchip, and animal hospital staffers helped to reunited her with him. Read more

Cat missing for five years is reunited with owner

Thanks to a Good Samaritan and his microchip, Sammie is back with his family again after five years. Read more

Microchip Reunites Cat Living in Feral Colony with Owner

Odie was missing for a year before she was reunited with her petdad on Friday after a cat colony caretaker noticed that she seemed to be a displaced pet. Read more

Boxcar Kittens Update & Story of Missing Cat Found After 5 Months

The Edmonton Humane Society gives an update on Chicago Joe and Boxcar Wilhelmina, the “Boxcar Kittens” who made a 1,500 mi.train trip last month and tells of a cat named Riley who was found 16 miles from home after 5 months. Read more

Cat Reunites With His Family After Living 2 years on His Own

Like the woman who found him as a feral kitten while hiking in 2006, Smaug has a taste for adventure. The adventure he’d been on since 2010 came to an end when he was reunited with his guardian on Wednesday. Read more

SF Bay Area Cat Hitches Ride to Circus Circus Hotel and Casino in Reno NV

Ponyo was found 220 miles from home, before her family realized she was gone. Read more

3 Months and 134 Miles Later, Kitz Comes Home

A microchip scan brought Kitz the cat back home to Jason Williams in Leeds, UK after the woman feeding her, 134 miles away in Mildenhall, took her to the vet for a checkup and the scan revealed her identity. Read more

Soba, Missing For 4 Years, Is found In Feral Cat Sweep and Returns Home

Heather Grygier tried to find her missing cat, with no luck. Four years after she went missing, Soba was trapped this week and a microchip scan reunited her with her family. Read more

Missing Cat Turns Up 6 Months and 280 Miles Later

Ash was adopted as a kitten and had only been with his petdad a month before he went missing. Thanks to a microchip and the person who picked Ash up and brought him to the SPCA, the cat will be reunited with his petdad soon.
Read more

Vet On Emergency Duty Shocked to Discover He's Treating His Own Unrecognizable Cat

Emergency vet Ben Trimmer was called out in the middle of the night to treat a badly injured cat who’d been hit by a car. Only after the microchip scan did he realize it was his own cat George.
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