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mama cat

Homeless Kittens Born At Mall Loading Dock Rescued With Mother

Mama was a pregnant stray who panicked and ran to a loading dock, where she had her kittens before the little family was rescued. Read more

Mama Cat Shows Her Kitten Some Love

Mama kitty cuddles and grooms her baby in this sweet video. Read more

Bengal Cat Talking to her Kitten

Mama Bengal kitty talks to her kitten in this sweet, heartwarming video. Read more

From Trauma to Forever Love: Mama Cat and Kittens Find Hope

Last winter, a Good Samaritan contacted the Branford Compassion Club regarding a starving, cold female cat that she had found. Read more

Mama Kitty Cuddles Her Day-Old Kittens

A Mama kitty bonds and snuggles with her newborn kittens, who all have homes lined up. One will stay with Mama and the other two will be adopted together. Read more

Margarita and Her Kittens

Margarita captured the hearts of Kitten Cam viewers as she nurtured her own kittens along with others in the kitten room. After six months with the rescue group that saved her, she and the last of her kittens to be adopted went to their forever home together. Read more

Mama Cat and Her Kittens: Cuteness Overload

Total sweetness with a Mama cat and her loving kittens. Read more

Kitty & Cat Mommy

A cute feisty kitten and his lovingly tolerant Mama make this beautiful video so sweet. Read more

Mama Cat Loses Her Kittens, Adopts A Motherless Litter

Even after losing all of her kittens, Mickey loves again and adopts a motherless litter. Read more

Mama and Kittens Dumped in Shrinkwrapped Box Thrive Under Shelter's care

Pandora and her three babies were dumped outside a shelter, covered in filth and shrinkwrapped into a box. They were found in time. Now, three weeks later the kittens are weaned and have gone to good homes. Read more

Reunited Fire Kittens and Their Mama Princess: Playtime and Exploration

The litter of kittens miraculously reunited with their Mama Princess a few weeks ago continue to play and grow and thrive. Read more

Devoted Mama Cat Who Protected Her Kittens From Shooter Is Adopted From Shelter

Cindy did not want to leave her kittens after she was shot in the head by a BB pellet. She remained with them as she convalesced at a shelter, and now she has a new home.

Read more