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Mamma cat and kittens rescued before fumigation

A mama cat and her newborn kittens were rescued from a hard-to-reach spot before the house they were underneath was fumigated. Read more

Cute Kittens Compilation

Watch kittens being sweet, funny and adorable in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Cute Kittens are confused by soap bubbles

Adorable little Scottish fold kittens don’t know what to make of some soap bubbles falling around them. Read more

Kittens enjoy watching hockey

Two kittens are intensely interested in a hockey game on TV in this cute video. Read more

Mama cat is reunited with her kittens after house fire

Five kittens were reunited with their mama following a Manchester, NH house fire, and the little family is recuperating at an animal hospital. Read more

Cats find love with Tinder

Vancouver’s cats are going digital as they search for true love on Tinder. Watch as they catfish unsuspecting users. Read more

Fuzzy Kittens Spazzing Out!

Kittens are playing and spazzing out in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

"Sesame Street" kittens are rescued from garbage can

Five beautiful kittens rescued from a garbage can are all cleaned up and on their way to better lives as Tiny Kittens’ Sesame Street kittens. Read more

Epic Dance Battle of the Kittens

Who wins this kitten chorus line dance off? Rocky and his siblings? Panda and her siblings? Or Orfey and his siblings? Read more

Loki and Freya Explore the Cat Tree

When Bengal kittens Loki and Freya play on the cat tree a dangling pom pom is the big attraction. Read more

Three newborn kittens are rescued

Three tiny kittens were rescued after school children heard their little mews. Read more

Kitten meows for help and gets rescue for his sister and himself

Two abandoned kittens are safe now after the brother cried loudly enough to get himself and his sister rescued. Read more

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