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Alabama fishermen rescue kittens from river

A remarkable video captured the action as two kittens swam to a small boat and were rescued from an Alabama river. Read more

Mama Cat Won't Dance With Her Kittens

Mama kitty Kami is not joining in as her darling little kittens form a kitten chorus line. Read more

Kitten Wrestling

Two cute little kittens tumble around in the wrestling ring. Read more

The Rescue of Peter Parker and Matt Murdock

There was no way out for two kittens trapped 10 feet down an old chimney. Read more

Rescued kittens nursed back to health

Four beautiful kittens dumped in a garbage bag at a skate park were rescued by good Samaritans, got loving care at a local vet’s and all found homes. Read more

Sisters rescue box of abandoned kittens from road

Two Texas girls who rescued a litter of abandoned kittens this week understand more about responsible pet ownership and compassion than many adults. Read more

Kitten Mutsu Falls Asleep Standing Up

Cute little foster kitten Mutsu falls asleep standing up in this sweet video. Read more

Two Suffering Homeless Kitties Get Help!

Stray kittens Peggy and Leela were in dire need of medical care and their rescuers took them to Vet Ranch to get help. Both kittens are now doing well. Read more

Kitten Mutsu Love

Kitten Mutsu gets his first massage from his foster mum Sharon and gets ruined with love! Read more

Dumped kittens nearly taken with trash are on the mend

Seven kittens who narrowly escaped being hauled off with a vet hospital’s rubbish are doing well in their recovery a week later and have moved to a rescue. Read more

Box of kittens almost killed by Turkish police wary of it of being a bomb

Three kittens in Turkey are alive and in care after they narrowly escaped death when the box they were left in raised fears of a bomb. Read more

Stowaway kittens rescued at the Port of Miami

A litter of kittens rescued just in the nick of time at the Port of Miami are now safe in foster care with a rescue group. Read more

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