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Kittens taped into beer box and dumped are rescued

Two black and white kittens dumped taped into a beer box have been rescued and are safe in care at a shelter Read more

Kittens Do Stuff For The First Time

A lighthearted little video shows kittens being cute while doing things for the first time. Read more

Kittens in Mirrors Hilarious Reactions!

Funny compilation of kittens confused by their own reflections … check out what happens when kittens see themselves for the first time! Read more

Sweet Dalmatian Lady watches over week old foster kittens

Here is Lady the Dalmatian when new foster kittens enter her home. She thinks it’s her job to love and protect them. Read more

What is kitten season? One shelter's story ... .

Friends of a Los Angeles area shelter talk about kitten season and let us know how we can help homeless kittens and those who care for them. Read more

The Joys Of Being A Cat Daddy

Cat Daddy and video creator Doug Brown shares some of the many joys of being a cat Daddy. Read more

Cats Who Are Actually Spies

They could be watching you right meow. Read more

Kitten library allows office workers to check out adoptable kittens

Employees at an office building in Las Cruces, NM can sign out furry little companions from a kitten library for visits in their offices during the workday. Read more

Kitten Town

The creator of the cute and calming TV show Kitten Town is looking for wider distribution at a media conference this week. Watch Episode 1 in full! Read more

Cat makes home for kittens in bird's nest

A cat in Ireland gave birth to her kittens in a bird’s nest and decided to keep the nest for her little family. Read more

Tiny kittens saved from the bonfire by a whisker

Two tiny kittens have had a lucky escape after being found in a bonfire pile just hours before it was due to be lit. Read more

Pair of tiny kittens drink water for first time

There’s a first time for everything and in this case it’s a couple of adorable little kittens enjoying some water for the first time. How cute is that? Read more

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