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Ask the Behaviorist: What do I do when kittens bite?

Alana Stevenson, cat behaviorist, provides tips on how to discourage your kitten from biting. Read more


As springtime begins so too does “kitten season,” and Alley Cat Allies, the nation’s largest advocacy organization dedicated to cats, today offers 5 easy ways people can help cats and kittens this season. Read more

Mini Fox Terrier Gigi Adopts Motherless Kittens

A little dog nursing one puppy of her own was compelled to adopt a litter of orphaned kittens when she heard their cries. Read more

From Trauma to Forever Love: Mama Cat and Kittens Find Hope

Last winter, a Good Samaritan contacted the Branford Compassion Club regarding a starving, cold female cat that she had found. Read more

Kittens and Soap Bubbles

Brave kitten Panda tries to catch the soap bubbles while his littermates are not too sure what’s going on, in this very cute video. Read more

Feeding Kittens Is Hard Noisy Work

Feeding two foster families of cat Mums and their kittens can be a big job, especially with little scamps like Norm in the mix! Read more

Kittens Falling Asleep Compilation

Kittens fall asleep in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Fill Your Life With Cats & Love

A life filled with cats is a life filled with love! And who wouldn’t want that? Share the love and make every day Valentine’s Day! Read more

Funny Kittens "Singing"

Cute kittens do some synchronized head moves, then appear to sing a little song together. Read more

Ten Things Every Rescuer Wants You to Know

Guest post by Sherry Pfau, who says: I leveraged the wisdom and experience of some of my fellow rescue friends, and we came up with the top ten things we want the general public to know about rescue. Read more

Mama Kitty Cuddles Her Day-Old Kittens

A Mama kitty bonds and snuggles with her newborn kittens, who all have homes lined up. One will stay with Mama and the other two will be adopted together. Read more

Monkey & Thunder - The Love Cats

Thunder and Monkey are the love cats … . Read more

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