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Mmhhh... delicious feet...

Baby Joe Joe wants to nibble his own little kitten feet. Read more

Samaritan saves nearly frozen kitten found near trash

A kitten was near death from frigid temps when a Good Samaritan found her near a trash can, warmed her up and rushed her to the vet. Read more

Piper's Purrfect Wink!

Piper’s permanent, “purrfect” wink tells the world that everything is A-OK because of the good Samaritans who showed up to save her life. Read more

Kitten Near Death Rescued From Freezing Cold & Hypothermia

With winter more than a month away, a kitten in Denver had nearly frozen to death by the time she was rescued after a cold night. this week. Read more

Muffin, paralyzed kitten improves

Muffin is doing well and trying to walk after getting surgery to reverse partial paralysis caused by a botched microchip implant. New video! Read more

Cute Kitten Climbs Petmom's Leg for Cuddles

A little kitten climbs a woman’s leg to reach her soft, warm lap and get some cuddles. Read more

Let Me Out! - Simon's Cat

A hungry cat who desperately wants to be fed ruins his owner’s morning! Read more

Kitten Sleeps in a Cherry Pie with Her Teddy Bear

Little Bella the kitten cuddles her teddy bear while sleeping all snuggled up in her cherry pie bed, in a deliciously cute cat video! Read more

Cute little kitten waking up

Simple and sweet: A sleepy little kitten wakes up from a nap in this cute cat video. Read more

Police Rescue Kitten From Sewer

Logansport, Indiana police officers rescued a kitten trapped below ground in a sewer Monday evening. Read more

Adorable Kitten Falls Asleep to Kisses

An adorable little kitten nods off and falls asleep to kisses, cuddles and a soft voice. Read more

Petra's Rescue

A sweet kitten named Petra is getting a second chance after someone packed her up in a sealed bag and abandoned her, tossing her over a fence. Read more

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