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Henry the Warrior Kitten is adopted by the family who found him

A little cat who captured hearts while healing from injuries sustained when he was hit by a car was adopted today by the family who found him. Read more

Curious White Persian Kitten befriends parrot

Watch as a 2-month-old White Persian kitten quickly befriends Blu the parrot! Read more

Kitten snuggling sleeping puppy

Adele the kitten snuggles with her little sleeping doggie friend Chip in this sweet video. Read more

Cat Interrupts Cross Stitching

Marmalade the kitten/cat loves to help his mom cross stitch, as you can see he’s very purrsistent! Read more

Starving kitten is rescued from drain

With help from municipal workers, Dallas Animal Services staff saved a little starving kitten stuck down a drain. Read more

Cat is Rescued After 28 Mile Car Ride

A driver rode all the way to work not realizing he had a hitchhiker on board – a cat who was rescued after luckily making the 28 mile journey unharmed. Read more

Kitten and Owl Are Friends

A kitten and an owl at a Japanese cafe have become friends. Read more

Adopted kitten bonds with family cat

A super sweet video shows a new kitten bonding with the family’s cat. Read more

Kitten is rescued from Tokyo overpass in large-scale effort

A frightened kitten was safely brought down from a highway bridge in Tokyo after two days, in a large-scale rescue operation that drew a crowd. Read more

Edmonton warrior kitten Henry heals after leg amputation

The sweet kitten who touched hearts when he was rescued after being hit by a car last month is doing well after amputation surgery today. Read more

Officer poses with kitten rescued from traffic

A police officer rescued a beautiful kitten thrown into traffic by “insensitive young men” and posed for this cute pic that was posted to Instagram. Read more

Copycat Kitten

Neo the kitten tries to copy his mama as she bathes. Read more

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