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What Does the Kitten Say?

Marmalade the kitten LOVES to eat! At feeding time he gets very vocal and wants to eat right MEOW! Read more

Maru and Hana in the night

Maru and Hana are intrigued by an insect on the other side of the screen door. Read more


Meet Max, a Maine Coon/Ragdoll mix tuxedo cat beauty with striking, fluffy white ear tufts. Read more

Too cute : kittens Panda and Peter

Cute kittens at play. Read more

Kitten Rescued by Firefighters is Adopted by Police Officer's Family

A kitten rescued by firefighters when he was found injured on a busy road was adopted from the shelter by a police officer’s family, who took him to visit his rescuers as they thanked them for saving him. Read more

Jack IS The Cutest & Sweetest Kitten Ever (And don't you forget it!)

Hang onto your cat toys everybody & everykitty, Tuxedo Jack is back in action! Read more

Dog on Shelter Staff Adopts and Nurses Orphan Kitten

A dog who helps with education and orphaned animal care at a Gore, New Zealand shelter has adopted a tiny kitten and is even producing milk for her baby, despite never having puppies of her own. Read more

What's in the box? Little boy is in love with new kitten!

Animal Haven adopters reveal the new feline family member, Razzle the kitten, to little boy Zeke. “It’s a meow meow!” Read more

The Simon's Cat Story (A Draw my Life)

Here is a Simon’s Cat ‘Draw My Life’, celebrating the first 5 years of the Simon’s Cat YouTube Channel! Read more

Pretzel's story!

The tiny blind kitten found sitting in the road with a twisted leg nearly a year ago is celebrating her first birthday, with her life incredibly transformed, thanks to her family, her vets and the loving support of friends.. A video tells her story. Read more

Kittens Playing Water Polo

The adorable kittens from Funnycatsandnicefish play with a little ball in a tiny pool of water. The question is: How to play without getting wet? Read more

When Cole Met Marmalade...

Introducing two cats can be a long process; luckily it took less than a week for Cole and the new kitten, Marmalade, to become furever friends! Watch and see! Read more

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