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Firefighters Rescue Kitten from Mercedes-Benz Car Engine

A fire rescue crew member captured the endearing moment on video when a little crying kitten was safely rescued from inside a car’s engine compartment on Monday. Read more

Cute Kitten Gets Hypnotised

This is the first day we got our kitten Phoebe and she got hypnotised by a little gold bell and fell asleep! Read more

WARNING! Toilet Paper Attacks Cute Kitten!

Cats VS Toilet Paper! This time the TP strikes back! Cole the Black Cat & Marmalade love to destroy toilet paper, as you can see in the video Cole is the instigator and starts the fight while Marmalade has fun finishing the job! Read more

Box and Maru and Hana

Maru gets into the box. And Hana wants to play with Maru. Read more

Puss in Purse

Marmalade finds a stylish, cosy and private spot for catnaps. Read more

Feeding Kittens Is Hard Noisy Work

Feeding two foster families of cat Mums and their kittens can be a big job, especially with little scamps like Norm in the mix! Read more

Fill Your Life With Cats & Love

A life filled with cats is a life filled with love! And who wouldn’t want that? Share the love and make every day Valentine’s Day! Read more

Smitten - Simon's Cat (A Valentine's Special)

A love struck cat tries to impress his Valentine. Read more

Pretzel's Story

Twisty-legged kitten Pretzel is the only one of her litter to survive. After round the clock care in her loving Kitten Rescue foster home, Pretzel is now a healthy, happy and playful 7 month old girl. Her foster mom is running for Pretzel in this year’s LA Marathon. Read more

Simon Draws: Tabby Cats

Simon Tofield demonstrates how to draw Tabby Cats! Read more

Kitten is Doing Well After Being Thrown from Car

A kitten in Columbia, TN is on the mend after being thrown from a car last Wednesday. Eva’s Eden cat shelter and The Veterinary Wellness Center of Columbia are caring for the kitten, and Columbia Animal Control is investigating the case. Read more

Maru gets into the cupboard

Maru and Hana are very interested in getting into the cupboard. Read more

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