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Maxwell's £3,700 Leg: Shelter kitten is helped by Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick

A young kitten who came to a cat rescue after a serious leg injury is walking again thanks to all-out efforts to keep his leg. Read more

Kitten attacks hole in the floor

A cute kitten jumps, pounces, rolls and tumbles while playing with a small hole in the tiled floor in this cute video. Read more

Suki is rescued and gets help following terrible incident

Suki was treated badly and hurt, but thanks to the good Samaritan who found her, a caring shelter and her vets she is doing well now. Read more

Adorable kitten doesn't trust blueberry

A kitten goes into full-on pounce, retreat and attack mode over a single blueberry on the rug in this cute video. Read more

"Ghost Kitten" hitches ride with Good Samaritan

An Arizona motorist who stopped to help a kitten he saw walking along a highway was baffled when the kitten disappeared. Read more

Kitten sees snow for the first time

A kitten is captivated and super excited by the snowflakes swirling outside his window in this cute video. Read more

Rescuer adopts kitten thrown from car after 2 month recovery

A kitten injured when he was thrown from a moving car on December 3 has been adopted by the woman who rescued him. Read more

Kitten is rescued from a tight spot

A kitten got herself into quite a jam when her head became stuck in the drainage hole at the bottom of a dumpster. Read more

Cat watching himself as a kitten

Santi tries to play with the kitten’s tail when he watches a video of himself as a baby. Read more

Kitten 100 days

A kitten plays and grows over 100 days, and it’s all encapsulated in a cute 2 minute video. Read more

Cute kitten plays with tennis ball

An adorable Japanese Bobtail kitten plays with a tennis ball in this incredibly cute video. Read more

The Kitten & The Ducklings

A little kitten gets more than he bargains for when he climbs into a little pen with some baby ducklings. Read more

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