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Wah Wah Kitty

A bottle-feeding baby kitten has a lot to say! Read more

Maru & Hana 3

An adorable compilation of short clips with Maru and Hana, filmed when Hana was still a kitten. Read more

Ultimate Cute Cats Playing with String Compilation 2013

Cats and kittens play with string, ribbons and string toys in this compilation of video clips. Read more

Kitten Sitting 101

How do we introduce kitty house guests to our own cats, so that everyone is happy and has fun? This sweet video shows us how it’s done! Read more

Kitten wants to be an astronaut

Cute kittens play with a hamster ball. Read more

Ducklings vs Kitten

Nancy Hare writes: Bella, our 5 month old kitten is totally fascinated with the ducklings. In this clip the baby ducks are 11 days old and are beginning to play/fight back with Bella. Read more

Kitten vs Shoes!

Marmalade the kitten loves to play with shoes! Check out this crazy kitten in action! Read more

Trapped Kitten Dawson is Rescued from Inside Gas Station Wall

Gas station employees had seen Dawson coming and going through a hole in the wall but became concerned when they didn’t see him for a few days. A shelter’s rescue team came out and saved the day for Dawson. Read more

Sleepy Little Kittens, Soooo Cute!

More proof that there is nothing so irresistibly endearing as sleeping kittens. Read more

Simon's Real Cats

Simon Tofield introduces us to his real-life cats. Read more

Paws Of Fury 1 & 2 - Monkey & Thunder's Epic Cat Fight and Panther's Revenge!

Epic cat battles of the thunderpaw and nobody gets hurt kind! Read more

Lacey and CocoPuff's Rescue Journey

A sweet kitten and puppy who began their lives together in foster care are still best friends, happy in their forever home. Read more

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