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Cute Black Kitten Shadow Boxing!

Adorable kitten confused by his own shadow… Cole does his best to catch the other “black kitten” mimicking him! Read more

Ali Gator's Rescue

It was cold and Ali was looking for food or warmth when she got her head stuck through a small hole in the bottom of a garbage can. Read more

Sightless kitten Hope finds a home

A sightless kitten who was rescued along with her mother and sister got the help she needed and is now in her forever home. Read more

Tumbelina gets her wheels

Mobility-impaired kitten Tumbelina was rescued by Valley Cats, Inc. and she was given a chance to get around on her own! Read more

Loki and Freya Explore the Cat Tree

When Bengal kittens Loki and Freya play on the cat tree a dangling pom pom is the big attraction. Read more

Squirt the kitten gets kisses from Lady and climbs Louie, her Dalmatian adoptive parents

Squirt the kitten loves her adoptive Dalmatian dog parents, Louie and Lady. This video shows their gentle interaction. Read more

Vet and surgeon to humans team up to fix kitten's cleft palate for free

A veterinarian and a doctor to humans who is a Craniofacial Surgeon teamed up to help a little kitten with a cleft palate free of charge. Read more

Soren the Tiger - An adopted cat's story in pictures

A petdad tells the story of his cat, from the time his girlfriend first saw the tiny kitten at the shelter up to his happy life as a grown cat today. Read more

Determined kitten repeatedly climbs owner's leg

This determined little kitten keeps climbing his owner’s leg despite being continually put back down on the floor, making for a fun game. Read more

Firefighters rescue and revive kitten and puppy at house fire

Two pets rescued from a house fire in Pine Bluff, AR are alive, thanks to two quick thinking firefighters who say they were just doing their job. Read more

Purrfect Valentine's Day gotcha day for Cupid the rescued cat

When Cupid was rescued on Feb. 14, 2014, a vet said the kitten would probably not live for a year. His is doing great and will celebrate his 1st Gotcha Day on Valentine’s Day. Read more

Elsa the Frozen Kitten's Happy Tale

The Denver Dumb Friends League celebrates Elsa the frozen kitten’s story as a Happy Tale with a true fairytale ending. Read more

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