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A conversation with Molly the Bengal kitten

Krys S enjoys a little chit chat with Molly the Bengal kitten, who meows back when he talks to her. Read more

Crazy kitten tests patience of Golden Retriever

Crazy kitten Flea shares the dog bed with Cosmo, a very loving and patient Golden Retriever who puts up with the kitten’s kooky antics. Read more

Pit bull dog rescued with kitten remains devoted to her baby

The abandoned pit bull found last week with a newborn kitten remains intensely devoted to her baby. Read more

Murphy's Journey: From feral colony to happy housecat

Murphy was rescued from a feral cat colony as a kitten and grew up to become a happy house cat. Read more

Cute Kittens Compilation

Watch kittens being sweet, funny and adorable in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Endangered Clouded Leopard Kitten Born at Tampa Zoo

An endangered clouded leopard kitten was born earlier this month at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida, the zoo announced Tuesday. Read more


Here are some examples of cat logic, as demonstrated by Cole and Marmalade. Read more

Abandoned pit bull is found mothering newborn kitten

A rescuer happened on a touching scene when she found a two-day-old kitten and a stray young female pit bull together. Read more

3 year old boy rescues kitten born without eyes

A 3 year-old Lubbock, Texas area boy is responsible for the rescue of a stray kitten who was born without eyes, and will adopt his new little best friend. Read more

Chloe's Touching Tale

Take a minute to watch this touching story about 8 day old Chloe the kitten, whose life was saved by a rescue group just in the nick of time. Read more

Kitten trapped within wall is rescued

A kitten in Dallas, Texas was rescued after getting himself in a jam that would have ended very badly for him had someone not heard him and called for help. Read more

Black Cats Rule!

Celebrate Friday the 13th with Cole the black cat in this cute compilation of video clips that take him from funny little kitten to full grown cat. Read more

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