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Firefighters rescue trapped kitten

Firefighters come to the rescue of a kitten in distress, once again! Read more

Alabama fishermen rescue kittens from river

A remarkable video captured the action as two kittens swam to a small boat and were rescued from an Alabama river. Read more

Alto and Apache

A little kitten who wandered in as a stray has become best and loving friends with the family’s white shepherd dog. Read more

Niko the Escape Artist

“Get me outta here!” Niko takes matters into his own paws, leaping right out of the cat enclosure at the shelter and finding himself a new home. Read more

Kitten Wrestling

Two cute little kittens tumble around in the wrestling ring. Read more

Stormy's Rescue

A kitten is safe and sound after a rescue that saw a humane officer crawl a long distance underground in a narrow drainage pipe to rescue him. Read more

Bryson the Brave: Kitten is rescued after 5 mile ride in car's wheel well

A little kitten is now safe and in foster care after being rescued by firefighters following a five mile ride in a car’s wheel well. Read more

Tiny kitten adorably dances with her owner

A kitten dances along with her petmom’s foot in this super cute video. Read more

Dinky the kitten survives after being maimed by a car engine

Kitten Rescue LA came to the aid of a kitten seriously injured after an accidental incident with car’s fan belt. Read more

Kitten Jumps into Man's Hands

Ta da! A cute little kitten jumps into a man’s waiting hands! Read more

Riley's Homecoming: Missing cat is found after a year

A beloved young cat missing for a year has been reunited with his family, thanks to a rescuer who spotted him sitting in a dangerous spot near a busy roadway. Read more

Kitten is rescued with shop vac

A small kitten in Chesapeake, WV was rescued from a difficult-to-reach spot thanks to some creative thinking on the part of her rescuers. Read more

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