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Baby kitten loves being petted

An adorable tiny kitten rolls around and waves his little legs while being petted and caressed in this sweet little video. Read more

Sweet Dalmatian Louie gives baby kitten Uno kisses!

Uno the foster kitten gets love and kisses from his big friend Louie the Dalmatian dog. Read more

Firefighters rescue kitten from house set for demolition

Biddeford, Maine firefighters rescued a kitten from the walls of a burned out house scheduled for demolition. Read more

Miracle kitten is found after fire

A tiny kitten thought to have perished was found alive and well following a fire that displaced 150 people and their pets. He is being called Miracle. Read more

Tiny kitten meets big dog

Tootsie the kitten and Buddy the dog are loving friends sharing an affectionate moment in this cute video. Read more

Hungry 10-day-old orphan kitten gets bottle feeding thanks to shelter's Kitten Triage program

A feral kitten eagerly takes to the bottle for its first meal after being rescued, in a video made to show the success of a shelter’s Kitten Triage program. Read more

Helpless Baby Kitten Rescued From Granite Yard

Rocket almost didn’t have a chance at a new life. Read more

Stretch kitteh likes to stretch

Ukiyo is the cutest as she stretches out her little feet while doing some kitty yoga. Read more

Kitten is rescued from brush fire on live TV

A reporter doing a live segment was on hand as Miami, FL firefighters found a kitten in a box while fighting a brush fire. Read more

Tired 4 week old foster kitten meows sweetly while falling asleep

Little foster kitten Uno makes sweet little sounds while nodding off to sleep. Read more

Cutest Rescue Puppy and Kitten Are Best Friends

Ruggles and Chompers are two tiny friends who have amazing stories. And they couldn’t be more adorable! Read more

Cute 3 week old kitty chooses Dalmatian over Mom

Jennifer Pogue’s little foster kitten Uno eats her little tosies, then snuggles with one of her Dalmatian dog friends instead of Mama kitty, in this cute video. Read more

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