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Police officer rescues litter of kittens

A litter of 7 abandoned kittens are safe at the shelter after police responded to a call. Read more

Cat is rescued from busy roadway

Thanks to a passing motorist and roadway police, a cat was rescued from danger and is being treated for minor injuries at the vet now. Read more

Kitten is saved from dangerous highway in early morning rescue

A police officer rescued a scared, crying cat from a dangerous highway overpass in the still-dark early hours Wednesday. Read more

Office workers save cat from danger on highway overpass

Office workers rescued a cat they spotted out their windows, perilously perched on a highway barrier. Read more

Kitten is rescued from Tokyo overpass in large-scale effort

A frightened kitten was safely brought down from a highway bridge in Tokyo after two days, in a large-scale rescue operation that drew a crowd. Read more

Black and white kitten is rescued from danger on a busy highway

An adorably cute kitten is looking for a new home after being rescued from danger on a busy Texas highway. Read more

Police officers rescue cat from busy highway

Middletown Township, New Jersey police officers, stopped traffic on a busy highway to rescue a stranded cat, with help from a concerned motorist, the town animal officer and a towing company. Read more

Good Samaritan rescues scared cat from busy freeway

Good Samaritan Richard Christianson rescued an injured and desperately upset cat from a Tucson, AZ freeway last week and told the story when posting a video of the rescue online. Read more

Kitten Rescue Stops Traffic on AZ Freeway

A bystander video caught officers crawling under a car to rescue a kitten on a Phoenix area roadway. A local traffic reporter says such incidents are common and rising. Read more