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funny cats

Kitten Wrestling

Two cute little kittens tumble around in the wrestling ring. Read more

Timo The Cat And His Special Friendship With A Koi Fish

Timo the Ragdoll cat shares a special friendship with a koi fish in his garden pond. Read more

Moments with Kitten Osamu

Kitten Osamu, the newest addition to the 10 Cats family, enjoys mealtime, waddles around, plays and is generally adorable in this sweet compilation of video clips. Read more

Philo opens the door

Despite having a cat flap newly installed, Philo prefers to open the door by pulling on the latch and turning the knob. Read more

Tiny kitten adorably dances with her owner

A kitten dances along with her petmom’s foot in this super cute video. Read more

Kitten Jumps into Man's Hands

Ta da! A cute little kitten jumps into a man’s waiting hands! Read more

Pole Dancing Cat

A cat joins a guy twirling around on a pole, making for the most amazing pole dancing pair ever! Read more

The Story of Maru &Hana

The story of Maru and Hana. Read more

10 Cats playing in a pool of colorful balls

The 10 Cats kitties play with some colorful balls that are placed in a blowup pool for them. Read more

Pizza Cat - Simon's Cat

‘A hungry cat gets the last slice!’ Read more

Kitten Sliding Through a Tube

His name is Hugo and he loves this cardboard tube! Read more

Bubba goes to school

A cat from San Jose has become such a fixture at a local high school he has been issued a student ID & has a Facebook page devoted to his life as school mascot. Read more

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