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funny cats

2 Cats, 1 Cat Tree!

Cole and Marmalade have fun with a new cat tree. Read more

Cats Enjoying a Massage Compilation

Cats enjoy getting massages from their people in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

A pushcart and Maru

In one of his cutest videos ever – and that’s saying a lot! – Maru pushes a little cart around the room. Read more

Washed Up - Simon's Cat

A sleepy cat gets a rude awakening! Read more

Bob's Exercise Routine

See Bob the cat’s exercise routine … . Read more

Cat Gets a Massage

Kitty really loves the new massager. Read more

Cat "Helps" Make The Bed

Squash, who we last saw as the kitty helpfully waking her petparents in Cat Alarm Clock, now “helps” to make the bed. Read more

Cat Alarm Clock

Squash is a gentle yet persistent kitty alarm clock. Read more

Cats vs the Machines

Cats battle it out with household appliances and office equipment in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

Sneaky Savannah Cat

Vashi the Savannah cat has a surprise for his dad. Read more

Cats Stealing the Dog's Food

Cats won’t let the family dog into his food bowl, and even help themselves, in this compilation of video clips. Read more

Exercising with the cat

One woman does her daily workouts with a furry exercise buddy. Read more

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