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foster kittens

Bottle Baby Kittens a Cute Compilation of Clips

Bottle baby foster kittens are featured in this sweet compilation of video clips. Read more

Mama cat who lost her babies fosters shelter kittens

A woman whose cat was grief stricken after losing her newborn kittens found a way to console the cat while helping kittens in need. Read more

Spring Cleaning With Cute Kittens

Do these cute little foster kittens know how to work the room AND the broom, or what?!? Read more

Cat and Kitten Play Footsie Under the Door

Foster kittens Minx and Jinx meet resident cat Nuala when she puts her paw under the door that separates her from them. Read more

Litter Box Problems and Nail Clipping

Alana Stevenson, Cat Behaviorist, answers questions from Life With Cats readers. Read more

A Tasmanian Devil Kitten?

Talk about toy issues! This cute little kitten could put grizzly bears, the big bad wolf and the Tasmanian devil to shame with this festival of growls! Read more

Jumping Kittens!

Three beautiful black foster kittens jump for the laser light. Read more

Basket Surfing Kitten

Foster kitten playtime fun. Read more

Synchronized Kittens Looking Supercute

A quartet of cuties are ready to move out of foster care ind into their forever homes. Enjoy the video and, if you’re in New England, consider sharing or adoption.
Read more

Foster Kittens Asleep and Awake

Recent videos with a sweet litter of kittens rescued in May of this year. Read more

Ta Da! Bibi's Somersault in Slow Motion

Foster kitten Bibi reprises her somersault highlight from Queen of the Couch in glorious slo mo detail. Read more

Queen of the Couch

The bouncy and adorable little foster kittens from Two Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed take the action over to the couch.
Read more

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