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FIV+ Kitty Finds Forever Love in Spite of Stigma

The Humane Society of Indiana has earned a name for themselves as a result of their work with FIV+ kitties and their success in getting them adopted. Read more

Just call him Al

Elaine Miller tells the story of Al, the down on his luck stray tom who came looking for food and eventually lived out his days as a happy house cat who met Elaine at the door and was never far from her side. Read more

Cat Lover's Tattoo Has Portraits of Her 5 Cats

A cat lover has memorialized her five cats on her back, with cheery tattoo portraits that celebrate the kitties’ personalities. Read more

RIP Skeeter: An Injured Stray Who Received Loving Care

A sad update for those who read Skeeter’s Diagnosis,  the story of a sweet injured stray  that we posted earlier today.

Read more

Skeeter's Diagnosis

Cat rescuer and writer Bernadette Kazmarski tells the affecting story of Skeeter, the wounded “porch cat” who needed help. Peg Bowman, Bernadette and others are giving Skeeter another chance at life.

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