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feline obesity

8 Clever Ideas to Keep Cats Active

Check out these ideas for 8 clever ideas for keeping cats active, happy and healthy. Read more

Obese Texas rescue cat wins the battle of the bulge

A formerly obese Texas cat has finally won the battle of the bulge and has lost more than 20 pounds. Read more

Massively obese cat Elvis gets help

It is hardly a title to aspire to but a German cat named Elvis may be the world’s heaviest cat, weighing in earlier this year at 38.5 pounds. Read more

Update on Sprinkles the 30-plus pound cat

A sweet but terribly obese 4 year old kitty who who loves attention is getting plenty of love and help as she makes progress toward a new, healthier and better life. Read more

33 pound fat cat Sprinkles gets help

Volunteers were heartbroken when Sprinkles returned to them after 3 years weighing 33 pounds, but they are helping her to get her life back on track. Read more

Kit Kardashian: Cat with big bum reminds her caregivers of the famous Kim

A homeless cat has been dubbed ‘Kit Kardashian’ – after American socialite and reality star Kim Kardashian – because of her very large rear end. Read more

Fat cat Texas stuns shelter staff and goes on pre-Christmas diet

Texas has been placed on a diet and fitness plan after stunning shelter staff with his massive weight. Read more

35 Pound Cat Tiger is Adopted After His Story Makes the News

Tiger lost his home and his familiar companion when his elderly owner was put into an assisted living facility. His story made the news and he was quickly adopted by a woman who wanted to help a special needs pet. Read more

Water Treadmill Sessions Help Buddha Lose Weight and Get Fit

Fat cat Buddha has lost over 4 pounds in a month, thanks to sessions working out on an underwater treadmill. He has made many friends who are following his progress with interest. Read more

Fat Cat Buddha is Rescued and Gets Help

A huge 31.4 pound cat named Buddha is getting help to lose weight and get fit after being rescued from a shelter where he ended up after a death in his family. Read more

Elmo the Water Cat: Hydrotherapy Helps Overweight Cat With Hip Problem

Elmo suffered a hip injury as a kitten and, at 7 years old, was fat, barely mobile, and asthmatic. Hydrotherapy and a diet plan have him back on track. Read more

Tufts University Opens First US Obesity Clinic for Pets

Veterinarians and shelters are seeing many more fat cats and dogs than ever before. These pets suffer health problems, decreased quality of life, and early death. Now a clinic dedicated to helping obese pets has opened near Boston. Read more

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