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fat cat

Elmo the Water Cat: Hydrotherapy Helps Overweight Cat With Hip Problem

Elmo suffered a hip injury as a kitten and, at 7 years old, was fat, barely mobile, and asthmatic. Hydrotherapy and a diet plan have him back on track. Read more

Tufts University Opens First US Obesity Clinic for Pets

Veterinarians and shelters are seeing many more fat cats and dogs than ever before. These pets suffer health problems, decreased quality of life, and early death. Now a clinic dedicated to helping obese pets has opened near Boston. Read more

Formerly 30 Pound Cat Tiny Hits Weight Loss Milestone

Tiny was sluggish and weighed 30 pounds when he arrived at the Fredericton SPCA last December. At this week’s weigh in Tiny achieved an important weight loss milestone. Read more

The Mysterious Case of Captain Jack

Captain Jack weighed 17 pounds when he came to live with his owner 5 years ago. Despite a strict diet, medical tests and intervention, he is now a whopping 38 pounds. Read more

Sponge Bob Attends Gala, Then Goes To His New Home

Sponge Bob posed with benefit chair Edie Falco on the purple carpet for Animal Haven’s Performance for the Animals event before bowing out of the spotlight and going home with his new family last night. The big boy has been adopted.

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Sponge Bob: Behind The Scenes When A Cat Goes on National TV

30 pound NYC shelter cat Sponge Bob appeared on the Today show Sunday for a segment about his special circumstances, as part of  the shelter’s efforts to find him a home. Bob’s friend Suzi made a behind the scenes video of his trip to the studio.
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Pet Obesity: When Your Cat Needs to Cut Down on Kibble

Garfield is 40 Lbs of Love, But… . Garfield is the latest and largest overweight cat to end up at a shelter when their owner died or became too infirm to care for them. Garfield’s caregivers at North Shore Animal League have taken the opportunity to write about the problem of and solutions to feline obesity.
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Sponge Bob Gains Fame

Life With Cats readers were introduced to Sponge Bob on May 23.  Since then the ginormous cat and his caregivers have been besieged with media requests, and the news coverage is breaking in a big way. Bob will appear on national TV on Sunday morning.
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33 Pound Sponge Bob Loses Weight And Gets Fit With A Shelter's Help

Sponge Bob weighed in at a very hefty 33 pounds when he came to Animal Haven in Lower Manhattan in April. He has dropped 3 pounds and is getting moving with moderate exercise.

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Jumbo Cat Tiny Tim Doing Well 4 Months After Rescue

Tiny Tim weighed 36 pounds when he was found on the streets of Houston in December. 4 1/2 months later, he is healthier, happier, slimmer, and more active.
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39 Pound Cat Meow Visits the Today Show

Meow, the sweet, gigantic cat in the care of the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society visited the Today show and sat on the couch with his vet Jennifer Steketee for a segment today.
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39 Pound Cat Gets Help

Poor, sweet Meow is just 2 years old but weighs over 39 pounds and can barely get around. His 87 year old owner recently gave him up, and now he is getting help thanks to the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society.
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