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Striking 'two faced' Chimera cat comes to shelter as a stray

A strikingly beautiful and distinctively marked chimera, or ‘two faced’ cat was found on the street last week and will be available for adoption if her family does not claim her soon. Read more

Babysitting couple charged after cat tossing video is posted to Facebook

A man charged with cruelty for playing catch with two cats and posting video to Facebook later remarked that people “blew the f**k up about it.” Read more

Vile Valentine's Day Cat Punching page returns to Facebook

The Valentines cat punching page has returned to Facebook in slightly altered form after a grass roots campaign got the original vile and disgusting page removed. Read more

Sick Cat Punching page removed by Facebook after 20k sign petition

In response to widespread criticism and reporting, Facebook has taken down a sick page organized around a supposed Valentine’s Day “cat punching” event. Read more

Meet Atchoum!

Atchoum is a super-furry young cat who looks like a small dog. His Instagram and Facebook photos are bringing him an increasingly large following. Read more

RIP Katniss: Kitten Burn Victim Dies

The sweet baby kitten who had thousands of animal lovers rooting for her recovery passed away Sunday, two weeks after being intentionally burned Read more

Little Dude RIP: Sweet big boy on weight loss journey passes away

Little Dude’s caregivers did their best for him after the sweet 36 pound cat’s family handed him over to them. He passed away Saturday after a sudden medical crisis. Read more

Woman Finds Missing Cat on Facebook

A cat who was missing for a month is back home tonight after his petmom’s friend saw him in a photo at Facebook, lounging in someone’s home. Read more

Paul the Cat Climbs a Mountain

Paul the Cat goes on adventures with his outdoorsy petparents and is in the news this week after climbing Gray’s Peak, one of Colorado’s 14er mountains with them last month Read more

Facebook Appeal Gets Over 20k Shares to Find a Home for Lady the Cat

A simple yet bold Facebook appeal for help in finding a home for a diabetic cat languishing at the shelter was shared more than 20,000 times. A week later Lady was headed home. Read more

Facebook Post Results in Arrest for Woman Who Lit Her Cat's tail on Fire

A Redlands, CA woman who lit the end of her cat’s tail on fire and posted a video to Facebook has been arrested and the cat, who did not sustain serious injury, is at the city shelter. Read more

Cat Brought to Shelter is Recognized Due to His Facebook Fame

A Sacramento cat who is a local celebrity was quickly recognized at the shelter and returned home after a passerby mistakenly thought he was a pregnant female in distress and took him to get help Read more

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