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Women Rescue Kittens From Burlap Sack on the Roadside

Luckily for Midnight and Salem, Amber Springer and Misti Blair happened to drive by at the right time, and happened to be looking along the roadside. Read more

Fragile, Be Kind to Me Please

Fragile, Be Kind to me Please! was written on the box used to drop off a kitten at a full shelter last week, at a time when there are many more homeless cats and kittens than people willing and able to care for them. Read more

Mama and Kittens Dumped in Shrinkwrapped Box Thrive Under Shelter's care

Pandora and her three babies were dumped outside a shelter, covered in filth and shrinkwrapped into a box. They were found in time. Now, three weeks later the kittens are weaned and have gone to good homes. Read more

Colony Caregiver and Rescue Group Save Newborn Kitten

A tiny newborn dumped and left to die is in good hands thanks to good hearts and good luck. Read more

Anonymous Donor Helps Injured Kitten

A woman has stepped forward to pay for Tuffy to see an eye specialist. The kitten was found in a dumpster earlier this month with paint poured in his eyes. He had been making a good recovery but is now facing a setback with his vision. Read more

Kittens Saved From Dumpster Are Safe At Rescue Center

Three Kittens rescued from a dumpster on a very hot day are safe and getting a fresh start in life thanks to Good Samaritans and the organization that took them in. Read more

Kitten Rescued From Landfill Will Be Looking For A Home

The tiny kitten escaped from a box just as  the bulldozer approached a pile of trash at the Elkhart, IN landfill on Tuesday. He is safe and well cared for now at the Humane Society of Elkhart County.

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Dumped Kittens Found At Recycling Facility Are Adopted

A litter of four kittens found by workers at a construction materials recycling facility near Calgary, AB were all adopted within a day of a news broadcast on the story.

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Good Samaritan Rescues Kitten From Gas Station Trash

A Good Samaritan rescued a newborn kitten when he heard her cries during a stop at a gas station last weekend. He took her home is is devoting himself to her care. Photos document the rescue.
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Trash Bag Kittens: Happily Ever After

The five “Trash Bag Kittens” rescued from a dumpster in March have grown into happy healthy kittens. They have all been adopted, two into one home and three into another.
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R.I.P. Pip: Kitten Found In Trash Bag Succumbs To Illness

Pip was the beautiful  injured kitten tied into a full bag of trash and discarded, then rescued when a woman getting her mail last Wednesday heard his cries. The BC SPCA made the sad announcement today that he died on Sunday.

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Injured Kitten Rescued From Trash Bag By Good Samaritan

A woman picking up her mail rescued a tiny kitten trapped in a bag full of trash and rushed him to her local shelter to get help.

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