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Feisty 2 Day Old Foster Kittens Fighting, Too Cute!

Not long after a mama cat and her newborn kittens were lovingly introduced to foster care, two feisty little scamps were fighting comically for a prime nursing spot. Read more

Feeding Kittens Is Hard Noisy Work

Feeding two foster families of cat Mums and their kittens can be a big job, especially with little scamps like Norm in the mix! Read more

Fill Your Life With Cats & Love

A life filled with cats is a life filled with love! And who wouldn’t want that? Share the love and make every day Valentine’s Day! Read more

Monkey & Thunder - The Love Cats

Thunder and Monkey are the love cats … . Read more

Thunder & Monkey Cat Dance The Nutcracker

The cats give a graceful and athletic performance dancing to selections from the Nutcracker Suite. Read more

Kitten Sitting 101

How do we introduce kitty house guests to our own cats, so that everyone is happy and has fun? This sweet video shows us how it’s done! Read more

Sleepy Little Kittens, Soooo Cute!

More proof that there is nothing so irresistibly endearing as sleeping kittens. Read more

Paws Of Fury 1 & 2 - Monkey & Thunder's Epic Cat Fight and Panther's Revenge!

Epic cat battles of the thunderpaw and nobody gets hurt kind! Read more

Jack IS The Cutest & Sweetest Kitten Ever (And don't you forget it!)

Hang onto your cat toys everybody & everykitty, Tuxedo Jack is back in action! Read more

Thunder The Love Sponge Cat

Thunder wants everyone to know that he eventually let his brother Monkey have some quality time with their butler. Read more

How To Celebrate National Cat Day

Though Oct. 29th is the official National Cat Day we urge everyone to make every day a special one for cats and kittens everywhere, thanks! Read more

Lua the Brave and Beautiful Kitten

Lua lost the use of her hind legs in an unfortunate crushing accident but the brave kitten is making amazing progress regaining use of her limbs, thanks to a variety of therapies and her VOKRA foster caregiver. Read more

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