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Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

A humorous video takes a look at why cats are better than dogs. Read more

Why Cats Are Basically Dogs

A humorous compilation of video clips suggests that cats are a lot like dogs and concludes that maybe cats are really man’s best friend. Read more

Cats Stealing Dog Beds Compilation

Cats are back at it, sealing the dog’s bed again in this new compilation of video clips. Read more

Cute Cats and Dogs Love Babies Compilation

Cats and dogs show their love for babies in this sweet compilation of video clips. What could be cuter? Read more

Big Dogs Playing with Little Kittens Compilation

Big dogs are loving and gentle as they play with kittens in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

5 Tips for Controlling Pet Pain...Without Drugs!

Did you know that when it comes to managing your pet’s pain, there are some simple things you can do at home? Read more

One Kitten, One Family, Six Million Adoptions: PetSmart Charities™ Celebrates a Lifesaving Milestone

With the adoption of Missy June, three broken hearts found comfort in one kitten looking for her forever home and a program reached its six millionth adoption Read more

Cats vs Dogs

This cute video has fun with the question of which are the better pets, cats or dogs. Read more

Meals on Wheels program now helping with pet food for seniors

A Florida program helping local seniors has expanded to offer assistance with pet food and veterinary care. Read more

Squirt the kitten gets kisses from Lady and climbs Louie, her Dalmatian adoptive parents

Squirt the kitten loves her adoptive Dalmatian dog parents, Louie and Lady. This video shows their gentle interaction. Read more

Sharing cat feeds family dogs

Kitty shares his food with the dogs, knocking pieces off the counter for them, one by one. Read more

Cats And Dogs Vs Toilet Paper Compilation

Cats and dogs engage in one of a pet’s favorite activities – unrolling and tearing up the toilet paper – in this cute compilation of video clips. Read more

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