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When Your Friend Won't Wake Up: Kitten and Dog Edition

A cute and persistent little ginger kitten named Jack plays with Bella the pit bull’s ear and then her leg, but she just doesn’t want to wake up. Read more

Cat and Dog Play Tug of War

Zeke the cat and Missy the Shih Tzu play a silly game of tug o’ war with length of rope in this cute video. Read more

Chihuahua Lucy Liu adopts second pair of foster kittens

A Chihuahua dog who surprised her petmom earlier this year by adopting and nursing a pair of foster kittens has adopted another batch of kittens. Read more

Rosie: Rescued kitten and Husky are best friends

A cute rescued kitten named Rosie bonded with her family’s dog and even considers herself one of the pack. Read more

Cat Gives Dog a Relaxing Massage

Zeke the cat gives his BFF Missy the Shih Tu dog a relaxing massage in this cute video. Read more

Male dog adopts orphaned kittens

Willie the Boston terrier dog has taken on the role of loving dad for two orphaned kittens. Read more

Kitten snuggling sleeping puppy

Adele the kitten snuggles with her little sleeping doggie friend Chip in this sweet video. Read more

Hero Cat Tara Receives Hero Dog Award!

Tara, the cat seen in a viral video saving a young boy from an attacking dog, has been named Hero Dog of the year! Read more

Cat snuggles with giant English Mastiff dog friend

Kitty snuggles with the family’s massive yet gentle 270 lb English Mastiff, Monty, in this sweet video. Read more

Reuniting soldiers and the pets they bonded with overseas

Nowzad’s founder spoke this week about his organization’s mission to reunite dogs and cats adopted at bases overseas with soldiers who have returned home. Read more

Owners reunited with pets at scene of devastating apartment fire

Emotions were raw as two women were reunited with their pets – a cat and a dog – at the scene of a devastating apartment building fire. Read more

Tiny kitten meets big dog

Tootsie the kitten and Buddy the dog are loving friends sharing an affectionate moment in this cute video. Read more

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