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Chihuahua adopts 2 foster kittens

Two foster kittens are getting devoted and loving care from a Chihuahua dog who has decided she is their mother. Read more

Crazy kitten tests patience of Golden Retriever

Crazy kitten Flea shares the dog bed with Cosmo, a very loving and patient Golden Retriever who puts up with the kitten’s kooky antics. Read more

Firefighters rescue and revive kitten and puppy at house fire

Two pets rescued from a house fire in Pine Bluff, AR are alive, thanks to two quick thinking firefighters who say they were just doing their job. Read more

Figaro and Lennon: Love at First Sight

It was love at first sight for a little rescued kitten and his new family’s big dog. Read more

Cat Pounces on Dog ... Boing!

A cat springs out from behind a curtain to surprise a doggie friend. Read more

Cat and dog best friends are found together as strays

A closely bonded young cat and dog who lost their home were picked up together as strays and are looking for someone to love them both. Read more

Mini Fox Terrier Gigi Adopts Motherless Kittens

A little dog nursing one puppy of her own was compelled to adopt a litter of orphaned kittens when she heard their cries. Read more

Cats and Dogs Playing Instruments Compilation

A little music from our four-footed friends! Read more

Archer and Babou Spooning

The cat showed up at our house in the cold last winter and the dog was terrified of him. They’ve gotten close throughout the year, but I didn’t realize how close. I caught them like this the other day. Read more

Pet Hospice Helps Owners Say Goodbye

When the time comes, more pet owners are choosing animal hospice services to help them say goodbye to their beloved pets. Read more

Dog on Shelter Staff Adopts and Nurses Orphan Kitten

A dog who helps with education and orphaned animal care at a Gore, New Zealand shelter has adopted a tiny kitten and is even producing milk for her baby, despite never having puppies of her own. Read more

We rescue them and in return they rescue us

The SPCA of Wake County NC profiles three recent adopters whose pets play a vital role in their lives. These pets give their families reason to celebrate and enjoy life to the fullest. Read more

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